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If you are confused about whether your bunny can eat cheese or not, we want to let you know that they can’t. Know more about it from this article about can bunnies eat cheese?

In this post, we are trying to give you an explanation about the logical reasons why rabbits cannot eat cheese and what you should give them as the perfect meal instead of that.

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Is Eating Cheese Suitable for Bunnies?

The simple answer is no. Bunnies cannot eat cheese. There are several reasons behind it. Generally, rabbits have a sensitive digestive system. But if some bunnies have a strong digestive system then they can eat cheese. But that doesn’t mean it is healthy or they should eat it more often.

Is Eating Cheese Suitable for Bunnies

If they eat cheese regularly for a long time, they will get sick. Any dairy product that contains lactose is unhealthy for them. So, cheese, milk, cream, cottage, yogurt, or cheddar is not suitable for a rabbit’s body. Unlike cats and other pets like them, milk is not good for rabbits. If you are thinking in that way and give your rabbits milk or any dairy products, your bunnies are at risk.

So, to clear your confusion, you should know that these types of food, including cheese, are not good for the rabbit’s body. It can create various diseases as it changes the gastrointestinal bacterial balance. If you find your rabbits being curious about having cheese, you need to keep them away and give them more healthy food that has plenty of fiber.

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Why Is Cheese Not Good for Rabbits?

You can find a lot of reasons that show why cheese is not good for rabbits’ health. Let us know all about it by reading the points below:

Dairy Products Cause Bloating

Dairy products are not suitable for a rabbit’s body as they can cause gas, bloating, indigestion, and even diarrhea. Some more rabbits are more or less sensitive than others. If they are less delicate, they only face some discomfort like feeling gloomy, not so energetic, and sometimes in a bad mood for a long time. But if they are more delicate, they will get sick because of bloating.

Rabbits Cannot Vomit

The other thing is rabbits cannot vomit. So, if they have eaten a bit of cheese, they make their stomach upset. As they cannot vomit, cheese makes their tummy upset for a long time and they probably become sick.

Cheese Is High In Sugar

Cheese is high in sugar. So, it contains more cholesterol and calories. If it is low-fat cheese, it will be high in proteins. But rabbits are vegan and herbivorous animals. So, these types of food will not suit their body.

Bacteria of Dairy Products

Dairy products have a kind of bacteria called lactobacillus. It cannot get through the anaerobic conditions of the cecum. The cecum is a part of the gastrointestinal system of rabbits. When the lactobacillus cannot pass through the cecum, it creates acidity in the rabbit’s stomach.

Cheese Contains Lactose

As you already know that lactose is not suitable for a rabbit’s body, cheese is also on this list as it has lactose. So, it will be difficult for them to digest cheese.

Too Much Calcium

Cheese has a good amount of calcium. And it can create a blockage in the rabbit’s urinal system. This can create kidney stones in the long run. The mushy texture of the cheese is unsuitable for them to digest. For the same reason, soybean cheese doesn’t work as well.

Too High in Proteins

If we talk about the requirements of the nutritional level of a rabbit, we will see that rabbits don’t need a lot of protein. They need more fiber. But cheese is too high in animal protein. So, it will be a bad idea to give cheese to your rabbit.

Too Low in Fiber

Rabbits need a good amount of fiber to be healthy and freshwater to be hydrated. They normally eat food that contains a lot of fiber such as hay, grass, and lots more greens. And these are all healthy as well. But cheese doesn’t have fiber. So, it will be completely unhealthy for them.

Cheese, The Nutrition And Rabbits

To know the logical explanation why cheese is not suitable for rabbits, let’s see the nutritional levels and rabbit’s requirements as well.

Name of The ElementCheese Per 100gRabbit’s Nutritional Requirements Per 100gSuggestion
Protein25 g12-17 gToo high in protein
Carbohydrate0Less than 20 gCheese has little or no carbohydrate
Energy429 kcal  
Calcium714 mg500 mg (maximum 1000 mg)Cheese is high in calcium. But too much calcium is bad for rabbit’s health
Fat35.71 g2.5-5 gRabbits require a little or no fat. But cheese is high in fat
Lactose0.1 g0Rabbits cannot process lactose
Fiber014-25 gRabbits need a lot of fiber. But cheese has no fiber
Vitamin A1786 IU1000-1200 IURabbits need vitamin A, but too much of it is bad for them
Sodium679 mg100 mg (maximum 800 mg)Too high in sodium

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Wrap Up

Rabbits are sensitive creatures. So, you should give them what they need to keep them healthy. They like more greens, vegetables, and grass. The food you are giving to your rabbits must be high in fiber. And cheese certainly doesn’t have that. So, make sure you don’t give them cheese at all.

To know more about it, check this article about can bunnies eat cheese? and clear your confusion.

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