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Is Mini Holland Lop Bunny Really Mini? 

Having a ‘mini’ in the name can be highly misleading and the name of the Mini Holland Lop bunnies proves it! Yes, you must be thinking they are too petite to hold but that’s not true.

Instead, they are not small-sized; they are medium-sized rabbits. We know you are confused, let us help you out! But how big do Mini Holland Lop bunnies get?

Here are the facts for you!

Weight, Length, and Shape of Mini Holland Lop Bunny

Let’s find out how mini a Mini Holland lops bunny is! We have listed the weight, length, and body shape of the bunny that will clear out your confusion.

Mini Holland Lop Bunny Weight

Unlike Holland Lop rabbits, the mini lops are not dwarfs. When it comes to the weight of the Mini Holland lop bunnies, the weight of these rabbits when they are newly born will be below 1 lb.

Though they are not true dwarfs, still they are quite small compared to the other rabbits. At birth, they weigh about 0.12 lbs. to 0.38 lbs. However, this is the weight when they are born. As they grow, their weight increases too. In the first month, their weight might increase to more than 1 pound at times.

And when they are in their 5th month, the weight will be close to 2.3 lbs. which is a good increase! This is how their weight increases. Typically, they can be called adults when they reach their 9th to 12th month. And in this period, their weight will increase from 3.5 lbs. to 5 lbs. and at times, 6 lbs.

Also, there is an adult mini lop bunny of 6.5 lbs. or more! So, you might think they are small, but the truth is, they are not that petite! However, their ideal weight as an adult is 5.5 lbs.

Mini Holland Lop Bunny Length

A newborn mini lop will be the size of your index finger. In case, it can be shorter than this. But don’t forget that they grow up fast. When a mini lop bunny is 9 months to 1 year old, its body turns into a full-size rabbit.

After this period, the rabbit won’t grow anymore. This works the same way for all the rabbits regardless of a Mini Holland Lop or not. As an adult, the body length of this rabbit will be 4 inches to 5 inches.

Mini Holland Lop Bunny Shape

The body shape of a Mini Holland Lop is not like that of regular rabbits. If you check their neck, it will be short but very stocky. The body is thick, the shoulders broad, and the circular body.

They have rounded ears that fall over their face and make their facial structure look rounder. The thing that adds up to their weight and the body structure is the soft underlayer rollback fur on their entire body.

This breed of rabbit is not a dwarf but they are not large as well. Instead, they can be considered medium-sized pets!

Mini Holland Lop Bunnies vs. Holland Lop Rabbits

When it comes to the comparison between the sizes of Holland lop rabbits and the Mini Holland lop, the first thing we do is believe in their names. Well, with a very short NO, we will tell you your idea of the size of both of these rabbits is wrong!

Yes, Mini lop should be mini or smaller in size but it isn’t! Instead, the Holland Lop rabbits are smaller in size than the Mini ones. Comparing both of them, the Holland Lop is a little taller than the Mini lop but the Mini lop is quite heavier than the Holland lop rabbit.

In this case, the Mini bunny is twice the size of the Holland lop which makes their name misleading. If you are interested to know about the weight and size of the Holland Lops too, you can check out how big Holland Lop Rabbits get.

Wrap Up

You see, mini lops bunnies are quite like the Holland lops when it comes to pets. But the best part is they are a little larger in size and easy to take care of. Also, you will find Mini lop bunnies to be friendlier than so many other rabbit breeds! Pet one and you’ll know!

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