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Holland lop rabbits weigh about four pounds only but even though they are petite, taking care of these little buns isn’t that easy!

From creating their required cage to maintaining the right diet, ensuring their safety to making them exercise- you need to be very watchful. Here’s how to take care of a Holland lop if you are a beginner, check it out!

Guide To Nurse a Holland Lop

We have listed a basic care guide for the new Holland Lop you got as a pet. Read it and your bun will stay fit and fine for as long as they live!

The Cage

Taking care of your Holland lop firstly includes creating the proper cage for him. They are bred to keep inside and so, it is always safer to add the cage indoors. However, you can add it outdoor.

In that case, you need to certify that your pet is away from any sort of harm from its predators. The length of the cage must be larger than your pet’s size. Along with the cage, you have to ensure that there is a litter box added inside the cage at least.

Holland Lop cage

Inside the cage, you have to make room for the litter box along with her food dish and water dish. Also, an adequate amount of space for their resting is required. Place the cage somewhere safe.

The Proper Diet

For keeping the Holland Lop healthy, a proper diet should be maintained. Make sure you include all the necessary ingredients that your rabbit needs. Water is the priority here along with hay as their food.

Also, don’t bore them with the same food; keep changing the items so that you can enjoy their meals.

Add some pellets every day to certify the food value they are getting. Some treats can be added to keep them cheerful!


Giving them a place to call home and providing them food isn’t enough, you have to ensure their safety too. They will stay inside the cage for most of the day. But when you get him out, it’s common that they will run around the room or the house to enjoy their time.


There can be a lot of elements in your house that might hurt them. The first and foremost thing that can hurt them is the electrical wiring of your house. They have the habit of chewing and when you let them out, the next thing they will do is to go for something to chew.

If they accidentally chew any electrical cords, they will not survive. Cover them or remove them from the room where the pet will stay for the time being. Make sure you are keeping away hard plastics that they can eat.

Treatments and Check-Ups

If you feed your rabbit right, mostly, you can stay relaxed as they will not have any issues. But it’s necessary to check up on your rabbit to know if they are fine or not.

Every year, you must visit a vet so that the vet can run some examinations to know about the health condition of your pet.

Also a tooth check every year is a necessity to keep away unwanted diseases. Trimming them will keep them in better condition, no doubt.

Spay or Neuter

Another very important aspect when it comes to keeping the Holland lop healthy is to perform a spay or neuter. If the little one is a female, make sure you take her to a vet and perform the spaying process.

And if he is a male, you must neuter him to keep him safer. By performing these, you can stay away from unwanted litter. Especially when you have two Holland lops of opposite genders, spaying or neutering becomes a necessity.

With the process done, you can also exclude the change of any reproductive system cancer. If you don’t do it, there’s a chance of infection from time to time!

Exercise through Playing

Playtime for the Holland lop rabbits works as a workout. To stay healthy, they must exercise every day. You need to get your kid out of the cage once a day for about 1-2 hours so that he can play.

This will give them relief from the caged life. At this period, you can set up several games for them to play. Have a look at ‘what do Holland Lop bunnies like to play with!’ For enjoyment, you can take your pet outdoor too.

But keep your pet before your eyes when you do this. Otherwise, there can be a lot of predators of the rabbits lurking around to catch them!

Holland Lop Bunny Care – Picking Up My Holland Lops

Wrap Up

That should cover up everything that you should do for your Holland lop rabbit. While taking care of them, make sure you clean them but it’s not recommended to bathe them.

They naturally don’t need a shower. A wet body can make them sick! Instead, groom them; rest assured, they will clean themselves!

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