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Have you ever wondered about trendy meaty items like a rabbit? Because of their delicious taste and tinder textures, it is increasing in popularity day after day. Though rabbit meat is prevalent, we are unaware of the exact breed. 

Yes, we are talking about the Flemish Giant breed. So, are Flemish Giant rabbits good for meat? In a word, yes. This domestic rabbit breed is an unbelievably fantastic choice to feed ourselves and also culturing. This gigantic breed can cover the chicken shortage by serving equal or more nutrients. A mature Flemish Giant rabbit can weigh up to 20 lbs, which is 4 to 5 times more than a chicken. 

There are plenty of other discussions regarding the meat of this Giant rabbit breed. Let’s have some more details regarding it. 

Are Flemish Giant Rabbits Good For Meat – Healthy Facts For Your Life

The Flemish Giant rabbit is the largest breed of rabbit breeds. In addition, it has an enormous historical background as a meat and fur server. 

In the days when animal skin was the only option as body cover, wolf and Flemish Giant rabbit’s skin was the only cloth for winter. Not only that, it always covered the shortage of food. Now, it is still similarly popular as before. 

Switch Your Diet, From Chicken To Rabbit

From the concise discussion, we can reckon the vitality of the Flemish Giant rabbit. However, let’s know some more data. 

Best White Meat

Generally, we can experience two types of meat in the market. One is white, and the other is red meat. Chicken, duck, and fish are the most prevalent source of white meat, and buffalo, pork, and beef are red meats. 

Like the other white meat sources, rabbit meat has the same nutritional value. So if you are looking for a tinder white meat other than chicken, rabbit meat is the one you can keep in your diet.

0% Carb

Most people choose only chicken or duck to eat and circumvent beef, pork, and mutton due to a common reason: the carb. The rabbit meat holds 0% carb, which is the same as the chicken. Therefore, it will never harm your diet chart if you are trying to lose weight. 

Allergic Reaction

Though beef and pork are always excellent meals, few people suffer from allergies. So, if you look for the juiciness of those in meat that is out of allergic reaction, the Flemish Giant rabbit can be the right one. 

The massive rabbit can be an ideal choice as an alternative.

Rich Nutrition

After considering all the meats, the Flemish Giant rabbit meat has more nutritional value compared to any other. It is full of vitamin B12, fibers, minerals, and protein. 

It is also a concern that the Flemish giant rabbit meat has more gumminess than other white meat. Therefore, it requires more time to cook than usual white meats.

Prevent Food Shortage

Chicken, duck, mutton, beef and pork are immensely consumed by people worldwide.

Culturing Flemish Rabbit

Day after day, rabbit farming is becoming immensely popular due to its fleshy qualification. Moreover, the growth of the Flemish Giant breed is pretty fast.

Culturing Flemish Rabbit

Size With Age

A Flemish Giant rabbit can provide meat around 4 to 5 times more than an average chicken. A fully grown rabbit around 9 or more months old can weigh up to 20 lbs. So, you can quickly expect 14 to 15 lbs of meat from it. More meat means more money.


A female Flemish giant rabbit can be mature by 7 to 8 months. And they can reproduce young rabbits once a month. A healthy female can reproduce 5 to 10 young rabbits at a time. As a result, if you are farming this rabbit breed, one year can be enough to make 2 to 20. 


There can be some hassle for beginners who are farming the Flemish Giant rabbits for the first time, but a proper living environment can help a lot in farming rabbits properly. Eventually, the question ‘are Flemish Giant rabbits good for meat?’ answers yes. They are the best breed to keep as a domestic company for meat consumption and farming purposes. 


Which rabbit is best for meat?

Answer: Rabbit meat is becoming immensely popular for its chicken-like taste and white texture. Moreover, it has more nutritional value than other white meats. The Flemish Giant and New Zealand White is the best rabbit breed for meat consumption. Nowadays, Californian rabbits are also becoming trendy treats for their amazing taste and texture.

How much meat do you get from a Flemish rabbit?

Answer: A Flemish Giant rabbit can provide meat around 4 to 5 times more than an average chicken. A fully grown rabbit around 9 or more months old can weigh up to 20 lbs. So, you can quickly expect 14 to 15 lbs of meat from it.

What are Flemish Giant rabbits used for?

Answer: The Flemish Giant rabbit is the largest breed of the rabbit kind. And it has been serving mankind for centuries after centuries. 

In the past, the dense furry skin of the Flemish Giant rabbit was used to protect from cold weather. At present, the trend is still alive. 

The size of this breed is significantly massive and has many nutritional values; therefore, it covers the meat shortage of the present world. Again, farming Flemish Giant rabbits can result in a stable farming business.

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