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The Flemish Giant Rabbit is a large, furry creature that lives in the wild. It is one of the most common animals in their environment. These animals rely on natural prey sources to survive.  Do you want to know what animal eats the flemish giant rabbit in the wild?

As the Flemish Giant Rabbit is a big creature, many hunter animals eat them up. Such as wolves, coyotes, bears, foxes and so many similar creatures who hunt them as their food in the wild.

In this article, you will go through the details about all the animals that eat the flemish giant rabbit and why. 

What Animal Eats The Flemish Giant Rabbit In The Wild

While there are many animals that eat flemish giant rabbits in the wild, the rabbit is perhaps the most well-known and feared of these predators. 

The furry creature is known to live in many parts of the world, including parts of North America and Europe. 

What Animal Eats The Flemish Giant Rabbit In The Wild

Its densely packed fur makes it difficult for predators to consume, so it is not surprising that this animal has been observed eating flemish giant rabbits in the wild. Let’s have a look at the animals and know why they consume the giant rabbits!



Wolves eat a variety of prey in the wild, but one of the most common is large rabbits. Many people believe that wolves are just opportunistic predators who will take any animal they can find, but there is more to it than that. 

Wolves have been known to feed on smaller animals as well, and this has led to some interesting stories about their behavior. For example, one report claims that a wolf grabbed a rabbit by its hind legs and cooked it alive in front of its family.

Another story says that a wolf caught a young rabbit and ate it until it was stone-cold dead. Whatever the reason, wolves are known for taking down large rabbits in the wild.


The coyotes of the wild eat large rabbits in order to survive and reproduce. The furry giant rabbit is common prey for Coyotes in the wild, and it’s something that the coyote loves. 

The rabbits are so large and their fur is so thick that they’re a major source of food for these predators. Coyotes have been known to eat as much as 50% of a live rabbit, which gives them plenty of meat to eat. 

This is because rabbits are not only a good source of food, but they are also immune to most diseases.


Bears are known for their strong stomachs, so it’s no surprise they consume large prey. One of the most common prey species that Bears consume is the flemish giant rabbit. The rabbit is a highly-vulnerable animal and its diet consists mostly of grass, leaves, and buds. 

If Bears are able to catch and eat the rabbit, it greatly diminishes its chances of survival. This helps keep the population of this vulnerable animal low and helps ensure that these rabbits have a healthy environment in which to grow.


Foxes are known for their hunting skills, but they’ve also been known to eat large prey. One of the largest creatures in the animal kingdom is the flemish giant rabbit, which foxes have been known to attack and eat in the wild. 

Scientists believe that this species is evolutionary dead because it’s extremely difficult to Reproduce and so there’s not a whole lot of genetic diversity left. 


Stoats are one of the few species of vertebrates that feed on giant rabbits in the wild. The rabbit is a large and powerful animal, resistant to most hunting techniques and able to resist being killed. 

Stoats are known to eat rabbits for their meat, fur, or feathers, but this is the only time they have been reported hunting them. 

The reason why stoats eat giant rabbits in the wild is not fully understood, but it may be due to their similarities in body size and behavior to these animals.


Dogs eat a wide variety of prey in the wild, but they’re especially drawn to rabbits because of their large size and distinctive flemish coat. 

The furry creature is considered a delicacy in many parts of the world where it’s hunted for its fur and meat. The rabbit’s fleece is also used to make clothing and other items.


Ferrets eat the flemish giant rabbit in the wild for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they are known to be good scavengers and can help remove small prey from their environment. Ferrets also eat rabbits because they are easy prey to catch and they enjoy eating animals.


There are many reasons why badgers eat the flemish giant rabbit in the wild. One reason is that it is a nutritious animal that provides them with food and fiber. 

Badgers also like to eat other small animals, so eating the flemish giant rabbit allows them to get a good mix of different types of prey. 

Finally, some biologists think that the rabbits may be attacking badgers, which could lead to more Wildcats being killed.


The flemish giant rabbit is a large, powerful creature that can weigh up to two hundred pounds. It is a protected animal that is not commonly found in the wild, and so it is only natural for snakes to eat them. 

Snakes are experts at hunting prey, and they know how to handle a large, powerful rabbit. By eating the rabbit, Snakes help protect it from predators and make sure it doesn’t get too close to other animals.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to know for sure what animal eats the flemish giant rabbit in the wild, as no study has ever been conducted on this creature.  However, based on information gathered from various sources, it is likely that a carnivore such as a wolf or bear would be the dominant predator of this species. 

Therefore, if you see this creature in the wild, be prepared for them to attack!

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