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Cleaning the rabbit cage is extremely important as it is about the hygiene of your rabbit. In this article about “how to clean rabbit cage”, you will get information about the process of cleaning the rabbit cage daily, weekly, and monthly.

You need to check all the details that we are going to show you in this post. See the explanation below.

Methods of Cleaning Rabbit Cage

Cleaning a rabbit cage becomes easier if you know how to do it. If you keep the rabbit cage clean, it creates a healthy environment for your bunny. We are going to share with you three types of cleaning processes so that they can be easier for you to understand.

Let’s check the methods below.

Method 1: Daily Rabbit Cage Cleaning

Daily cleaning the rabbit cage is necessary. It keeps the cage clean. It makes the weekly and monthly cleaning process easier for you. Also, it keeps the environment healthy for your rabbits. So, check the method of daily cleaning in some steps.

Remove The Uneaten Food

First, make sure you remove the uneaten food from the cage. You should do this daily. The cage becomes dirty mainly because of the food. That is why you need to remove the food from the cage once or twice every day.

Wash The Food Bowls

After cleaning the food from the cage, take the bowls out from the cage and wash them with dishwashing soap. Besides, wash the water bottle as well by using a bottle brush cleaner.

Spot Cleaning

Check the area and clear all the mess. Then clean all the small messes like urine clumps, water spills from the cage. Remove all the messes and put fresh bedding and hay as well. Also, refill the water bottle.

Clean The Litter Box

Now, start cleaning the litter box. You don’t need to deep clean it. Just clean around the box if it gets messy and dirty. That is enough for a daily routine.

Method 2: Weekly Rabbit Cage Cleaning

For a weekly routine, you can clean in a more detailed way. Check the method step-by-step if you want to know the details.

Remove Leftover Food

The first thing you should do is remove all the leftover food from the cage. It’s necessary to keep the place clean for your rabbit. Otherwise, your rabbit may eat that leftover food and get sick because of bacteria build-up. Moreover, wash the dishes with dishwashing soap and hot water to kill all the bacteria.

Also, remove all the dirt from the food bowl and wash it well once a week if you feel the necessity.

Refill Water Bottle

Take the water bottle of your rabbit and wash it well at least once a week with the help of a bottle cleaning brush. Make sure you use hot water to wash the bottle thoroughly. It kills all the remaining bacteria and prevents any further build-up of it. After cleaning the bottle, refill it with fresh water and keep it where you always place it.

Clean The Litter Area

For weekly cleaning, you also should clean the litter area. Scoop the litter and clean the area first. Remove the hay, soiled litter, and newspaper daily. And replace it with fresh hay or newspaper at least once a week. It helps to eliminate any bad odors. And that minimizes the risk of infections and bacterial buildup.

Further, you can use vinegar and water to disinfect the litter box. Make a mixture of these two ingredients and clean the box with it. Then you need to replace the toys, bedding, and dishes.

Throw Away Old Toys

Make sure you throw away all the old toys. It is because old ones have bacteria that are harmful to your rabbits. Your rabbits love to chew their toys. For that reason, bacterial development happens on the toys. That is why you have to remove the old toys and replace them with new ones.

Clean The Habitat Place

You need to clean the habitat area once a week. Rabbits generally love cleanliness but they can be messy sometimes. They make the bedding messy, kick their food, and litter outside of their box. These things make the entire area of the cage extremely dirty. Ensure that you clean it properly.

Method 3: Monthly Rabbit Cage Cleaning (Deep Clean)

The monthly habit of cleaning the cage is important. You need to deep clean the area of the cage once every month. You have to maintain it to keep proper hygiene. Let’s get the details of the method below.

Arrange All The Elements You Need to Clean

You have to arrange all the cleaning elements first. You need to deep clean your rabbit’s cage once a month. All you need is vinegar, water, a sponge, paper towels, new toys, a vacuum cleaner, a dustbin, broom, new bedding, new litter, and a trash bag. Take all the elements according to the list and keep them in place.

Keep Your Rabbit in A Safe Place

Make sure you keep your bunny in a safe place before you start the cleaning process. Take your bunny out of the cage and keep it in a secure place during the cleaning time. Otherwise, things may be traumatizing for her. Allow the rabbit to freely roam around your home if possible. Ensure that the area is secure for your bunny.

If it’s not possible, you can keep her in a different cage or any private area. You can give her a toy to keep her busy.

Empty The Cage And Wipe Down The Area

After taking your rabbits out from the cage, now you need to take everything out and wipe down the entire area of the cage by using a paper towel or a soft cloth.

Wash The Food Bowl

Try to wash your rabbit’s food bowl once a week. Otherwise, rabbits get sick as old food and dirty bowls contain bacteria and fungus. This is why you must wash your bowl weekly and deep clean it once or twice a month. Take hot soapy water to clean the bowl as well as the bottle too.

Sterilize The Water Bottle

Make sure you sterilize the water bottle to deeply clean it. This can kill germs and bacteria effectively. Wash the bottle in soapy water then boil it again.

Soak The Litter Pan

In this monthly routine, you need to clean the litter box as well. It can be the reason for bacteria build-up and heavy odors. To clean it, you need to soak the litter box in a mixture made of vinegar and water. It disinfects the box and takes away all the smell and stains. Make sure you wipe the pan twice before soaking it.

Wash Bedding

Another thing is to wash the bedding and replace it with fresh ones. Take all the stuff including blankets, and other fabrics from the cage and put it into the washer. Use hot water if possible to kill all the germs. Also, use an unscented and mild detergent to avoid chemical reactions. Wash them well at the highest temperature possible to kill all the bacteria.

Replace Toys

Make sure you disinfect the toys as they can be dirty and there will be bacterial build-up as rabbits tend to chew them. Disinfect all the toys or throw them away and replace them with new and fresh ones.

Clean Around The Cage

The last thing is to clean around the cage to get the cleaning done. Your bunnies can be messy. So, it will be better if you clean the area and outside area of the cage to properly clean it. After doing all these things, return your rabbit to its cage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean my rabbits cage?

You should clean your rabbit’s cage once a day. To deep clean it, you can also do the cleaning once a week and once a month.

2. How to clean a rabbit cage with vinegar?

Make a solution of vinegar and water. You can also use hot water as well. Use the mixture to clean all the areas as it works as a disinfectant.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know the methods of how to clean rabbit cage, you need to execute it properly. Check the detailed methods of cleaning the cage daily, weekly, or monthly and apply the method accordingly.

Make a happy and hygienic place for your bunny.

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