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Rabbits are sensitive. Protecting them from mosquito bites is essential. You just need to follow some guidelines of how to protect rabbits from mosquitoes to prevent any further damage. 

In this article, we are going to explain how you can protect your rabbit from mosquito bites and from a severe disease named myxomatosis that can spread via mosquitoes. A lot of other things are there that you should know for preventative maintenance. 

Check out all of those to have the ultimate protector for your bunny.

What is Myxomatosis? 

Myxomatosis is a virus that was introduced in Australia to have control over the overwhelming population growth of hares and rabbits. In the 1950s, they introduced us to Myxomatosis that spreads from an infected rabbit or from fleas or mosquitoes mosquitos who have fed the infected rabbits. 

What is Myxomatosis?

Sadly, the virus is still prevalent and it can affect a lot of rabbits. The success of this treatment is rare if it gets into a chronic situation. If your rabbit catches the virus, the best thing for her is humane euthanasia. It may give them ease from the pain they suffer because of the disease. 

Unfortunately, the rapid progression of this disease can lead to death within 14 days. So, prevention is the key to fighting Myxomatosis. This virus spreads more in summer and warmer months such as Easter. However, it’s good to hear that resistance has grown in popularity even though the disease is present for a long time. 

All you can do is take preventative measures to keep your bunny safe. Keep notified of the signs so that you can take proper steps as soon as possible if something is wrong. 

How Does It Spread? 

Myxomatosis can easily be spread if you are not careful with your rabbit. It can transfer via the affected rabbits or any mosquitoes and fleas that have fed any affected rabbits. So, in this way, this virus can easily transfer by insect bites of any infected bunnies. The best way to avoid it is through prevention. Besides, check on the signs as well. This is all you can do to stop the virus from spreading. 

Signs of Having Your Rabbit Myxomatosis 

Talking about signs of having your rabbit Myxomatosis, there can be various symptoms. It generally takes 3 to 21 days to show any signs of having this disease. At first, the symptoms were mild. It may not show up easily at that time. It takes three to five days to show the signs. 

If you notice any following symptoms, it can be the reason for having your rabbit Myxomatosis. And the symptoms are: 

  • Discharge from the nose and eyes
  • Drooping ears
  • Reduced appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Reddened eyes and eyelids 
  • Skin lumps or nodules
  • Trouble breathing
  • Fever
  • Swollen eyelids, lips, nose, ears, genital region, or face 
  • Watery eyes
  • Pus-like discharge from nose, eyes, genitals, and anus 
  • Inappetence 
  • Purple spots on the skin
  • Drooping and swollen ears
  • Convulsions
  • Coma 
  • Lethargy

Things You Should Do to Protect Your Rabbit from Mosquitoes 

To prevent Myxomatosis, you have to protect your rabbit from mosquitoes and fleas. To know more about it, let’s check what things you should do to protect your bunny from mosquitoes. 

Things You Should Do to Protect Your Rabbit from Mosquitoes

Make Their Hutch Mosquito Proof 

To protect your bunny, you should simply make their hutch mosquito-proof. As the virus generally spreads in wet and warm months, you should keep your bunnies indoors in this season. Besides, use fly screen netting to make the area mosquito-proof. You can get this net from any of the hardware stores near you. 

Moreover, if your rabbits like to go outside, make sure you bring them back at dawn and dusk if possible. The reason is mosquitoes come at this time that can be worse for your rabbit. But if your rabbit needs to be outside overnight as well, you should put mosquito coils in the places to make them mosquito-proof. Also, make sure you remove all kinds of stagnant water as it may attract mosquito larvae. 

This disease is dangerous. It has no such effective treatment that successfully heals your rabbit’s body. This is why the best option will be to prevent having this disease. If you take proper preventative measures, it helps to protect your bunny from the virus. This is how your bunny can live a healthy life. Go to the vet as early as you know about any signs. 

Prevent Flea 

To protect your rabbits from fleas, you should give your rabbit flea prevention medication monthly. For doing that, we recommend you to have Revolution brand as it can suggest you the best for your bunny. 

Is It A Good Idea to Vaccinate Your Rabbit? 

Unfortunately, there are no vaccinations available in Australia to protect against myxomatosis however, there are a few safety measures available to keep your rabbit as protected as possible. You can use a fly or insect net around your rabbit’s cage. It ensures that they have a protected area to live and sleep in. 

Besides, you should maintain consistency with the protection factor of your rabbit. You should keep yourself up to date to ensure your rabbit’s flea protection. You can ask your vet for some suggestions and they will give you the best advice accordingly. They let you know about what kind of dosage is safe for your rabbit to prevent certain fleas. 

Another thing is to keep your rabbits indoors especially during summer and wet weather. Make sure you do it in the morning and evening because fleas and mosquitoes are prominent at this time. Also, ask your vet to know how to deal with this in a detailed way. They may suggest rabbit-friendly insect-repellent. Check out all the details about it and get your rabbit vaccinated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I keep mosquitoes off my rabbits? 

The simple thing you can do is to put mosquito netting on your rabbit’s cage or that area where your rabbit is going to sleep. Also, keep your rabbits indoors to save rabbit from mosquitoes

2. Will mosquitoes bite rabbits? 

Yes, mosquitoes can bite rabbits. The most dangerous thing is that a wild rabbit carrying the virus can spread through mosquitoes. It spreads from the sick rabbit to another one and affects her. This is a big issue and for that reason, you have to protect your rabbit from mosquitoes. 

3. How can I protect my rabbit? 

You can easily protect your rabbit from mosquito biting. You should keep your rabbit indoors or make netting all over their hutch so simply protect them. 

4. Should I vaccinate my rabbit? 

Rabbits need vaccination as a prevention program against severe rabbit diseases like myxomatosis. 

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Wrap Up 

Now that you know how to protect rabbits from mosquitoes you should apply the methods and follow some of the tips to get rid of mosquitoes and myxomatosis as well. 

We are showing the ultimate way to protect your rabbits from mosquitoes and other fleas. Follow the tricks and save your rabbits from further damage like myxomatosis. 

Take good care of your bunny! 

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