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How do you catch a unique rabbit is a common query to all who have experienced a mini marathon with their lost bunny. No doubt, it’s a lot tricky to catch a rabbit since they can run fast. As they are the fastest among the little creatures, oftentimes, rabbits could be wily causing a lot of effort to catch them.

However, they are much adorable and pretty. The charm of the rabbit, no doubt, attracts everyone. Nevertheless, you can regret if you don’t know how to catch a rabbit by hand. You’ll require to spend much time after the bunny. However, by learning how to catch a rabbit without a trap, you can increase the chance to catch a unique rabbit with less effort.

Read the full article below. This article will dish up several methods and essential tips and tricks to help you make the task less challenging and effortless.

How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit

How Do You Catch A Unique Rabbit: Tools You Need

If you can remember the marathon of rabbit and tortoise in the fable, you are supposed to know how fast the bunny can run. When I attempted to catch my lost rabbit, I realized it challenging it could be.

Catching a unique rabbit by bare hand can be way challenging. However, with some useful tools you can make it fun to catch the lost bunny. See the list of tools below. You’ll require them to approach any of the following methods.

Tools You Need To Catch A Unique Rabbit

  • Bait
  • Carrier
  • Gloves
  • Water and bowl
  • Exercise pens

The Circling Method

One of the most straightforward and popular methods to catch rabbits is trapping with a pen circle. This method requires a host of exercise pens to make a circle. The more pens you use, the bigger the circle would be. Thus, the more convenient and easier it will be to catch the lost bunny.

It comes to work when the rabbit is hiding under an object like furniture or car. You can act smarter with this situation if you can manage some more helping hands to form a larger circle. With a larger enclose, you can have more chances to catch the lost rabbit.

Get the rabbit far into the corner as much as possible. You can use carrots, leafy greens, pellets, bananas, alfalfa hay, or rabbit treats can be applied as bait to attract the rabbit toward the pen circle.

Herding Method

Talking of circling method, we got another variation with little correction. Yes, we’re talking about the herding method. Make a half circle by hooking pens together in just 10 feet away from the rabbit. It is planned to herd the rabbit from the opposite direction of the pens to lead them into the enclosure.

If you can manage multiple pens, you can build a safe yet bigger enclosure. Thus, it helps to keep the rabbit safe from getting startled. However, it’ll require a dedicated volunteer to guard each end. The idea is that when the bunny gets into the enclosure, the dedicated volunteer will readily lock the gap. You can use some bait to catch the lost bunny.

Blanket Method

As you guess, this method is mastered with a blanket. It’d be greatly effortless if you try to catch the lost bunny with a large blanket. Note that, having some dedicated volunteers will extend the possibility of catching the lost bunny. On top of that, any type of bait will work greatly in this method too like the previous two methods.

The idea of using this method is to trap the rabbit with several baits. To apply this method, put the bait on the open and flat area. The challenge of this method is to achieve faith of the lost bunny. They tend to be skeptical and keep running away. So, allow them to get relaxed around. Keep waiting with bait on the ground and be patient until they start believing you.

If they really believe you, they get closer to eat the bait. When they get closer to bait, it brings an opportunity to you to spread the blanket swiftly over them. You should be fast enough. If they manage to escape anyway, it would be a nightmare for you to catch them.

The Pop-up Pen

If you can’t manage extra helping hands, it’d be quite tough to be successful with any of the above-mentioned methods. However, you can succeed in catching a unique rabbit with the pop-up pen method. Luckily, it does not require any helping hands to approach.

Gaining trust and offering baits are two common techniques to catch the lost bunny. This pop-up pen method also requires baits and gaining trust. However, it works best if the rabbits are friendly.

To approach with this method, put any form of bait in the pop-up pen and let the rabbit get into the pen. As the rabbit is friendly with you, it has a good chance to fall in the trap. Once the rabbit enters in the pop-up, swiftly block the exit end.

The Trap Method

As the name suggests, this method involves a live trap to catch the lost rabbit. However, this method isn’t as effective as it sounds. Since the rabbit can outwit the trap, you have to keep an eye on them to observe their activities from dawn to dusk. A DIY animal trap offers the best option in this regard.

You’ll Require

  • V-shaped tip
  • A large box or container
  • Baits

The Process: 

To build the trap is to tie a string to the stick and wedge the box into the stick’s V-shaped part. Manage some bait to attract the lost bunny. Put the baits inside the box. Once the rabbit enters, pull the string as swiftly as you can to trap them.

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Summing Up

How do you catch a unique rabbit is a common query to all who have experienced a mini marathon with the lost bunny. Nevertheless, it can be an interesting job with enough knowledge in it. Catching the lost bunny requires several tricks to be applied. It involves building a friendly relation with the bunny or offering any form of baits. Moreover, the extra hand will make it further easier.

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