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Rabbit is one of the fragile domestic animals that require proper care to grow and live. It requires knowing several aspects of the breeding and temperament of the rabbits. Learning about the lifespan of rex rabbits will not only help you nurture your pet rabbit wisely but also enable you to get the expected lifespan of your pet.

You need to have enough knowledge of pet rabbits so that you don’t have to mess with the pet. Rabbits have been used for food and fur until the 1900th century. By ensuring proper health care, you can get your little friend around you for a longer span of time.

The Rex rabbits are one of the big breeds and have a shorter lifespan than other breeds. They are used to living about 6 to 8 years.

This content will leave you with the necessary knowledge, tips, and tricks to help your pet grow perfectly by telling you the lifespan of Rex Rabbit and how long the pet rabbits live along with other aspects.

The Lifespan of Rex Rabbits: The Complete Guide

Helping your lovely pet rabbits grow perfectly with sound health and growth requires a lot to ensure. Having good knowledge about the lifespan of several breeds of rabbits is one of them. You can pick the best breed of rabbits and take care of them properly if you know

Rex rabbits lifespan: Factors That Determine the Rabbits’ Lifespan

If you’ve already bought your pet rabbit, you’re supposed to learn several how-to activities for the well-being of your little friend. However, when it comes to the lifespan of rex rabbits, there is a lot to take into consideration. You should not get satisfied with the health and personality of the rabbit.

The lifespan of the bunny is another serious aspect to ensure along with health and growth. Apart from care and attention from the pet fanciers, the following things are essential for a happy and healthy bunny. They include:

Factors That Determine the Rabbits’ Lifespan

Housing – Indoor or Outdoor?

You can home your little friend outdoor or indoors. However, before you decide what is right for your little friend, you should learn about the breed of rabbit you’re raising. You can’t decide their accommodation just out of whims. There are several breeds of rabbits that are prone to get weaker if they live outdoor, some of them are fine.

When it comes to the Lionhead rabbit breed, they live better and longer in indoor hutches or sheds as opposed to those who live outdoor. The outdoor hutches and sheds are open to several threats such as infections, infections, adverse environmental conditions, predators, and many more.

On the flip side, those who are housed indoors, enjoy the most safety and protection from all adverse situations and threats. We find the Mini Rex Rabbit also enjoys a better and longer lifespan with indoor housing. Thus, you have to learn all the vulnerabilities of the pet you own so that you can make proper arrangements for its wellbeing.


Undoubtedly, bunnies with proper attention and care must enjoy a healthy, happy, and longer lifespan. A balanced diet comes at the top when we think of proper care. Therefore, you have to ensure a balanced diet if you like to see your little friend grow properly. Bunnies with a proper diet can live longer compared to those who don’t get a proper diet.

rex rabbit Diet

The diet must include quality hay, fresh water, green grass, vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, and treats of rabbits. Offering food at the right time on a regular basis is another important duty you should perform. Moreover, you have to learn about the digestive system of the breed of rabbit you own. Thus, you can ensure proper care.

Make a list of diets following the specific digestive system. You should not follow the same digestive system and diet chart for all breeds of rabbits. Don’t depend on the pellets. You can sometimes offer a small number of pellets to your lovely friend. Offering pellets too often can lead to several complications, such as diarrheas, obesity, kidney or heart disease.

Click here to learn a complete rabbit eating guide!

Constipation can be a serious issue even for pets. To prevent such unwelcoming issues, make sure the food contains enough fiber. Fiber will also help them to grind food effortlessly making it conducive for digestion.

Spraying or Neutering

Spraying or Neutering

If you like to boost the lifespan of your little friend, be careful about neutering. It helps to increase the rabbit’s lifespan. The unaltered bunnies involve a huge risk of developing a testicular tumor or uterine when they are at the tender age of two. Sadly enough, it develops as time passes by. It can end up leading to cancer. If so, it can claim lives in the long run.

Luckily, you can reduce the risk of cancer (any of the two) if you neuter and spay. In that case, you can’t intend to breed them further. On top of that, keep their food free from any sort of contamination.

The Lifespan of Rex Rabbits

The name Rex Rabbit is awarded by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Louche Pringe first discovered this gene in a French village in 1910. The breeder, Louche Pringe, was impressed by the charm and look of the luscious fur. Coming from the retreating Rex Gene mutation, this breed achieved fame quicker because of its plush, dense, and smooth fur.

This breed of rabbit initially was seen as wild. That being said, it became popular with its look and lovely manner. While the average lifespan of the most domestic bunnies is 8 to 12 years, few breeds of rabbits can outnumber others in the lifespan. Similar to the dog breeds, miniature or dwarf are known to live longer than giant breeds.

An Overview of Rex Rabbits

Rex Rabbit is one of the most popular breeds of rabbits among the pet fanciers, which first appeared in Paris in 1924 at an international rabbit show. Later, they are introduced in the United States and recognized by ARBA. Before you dive into the elaborate discussion over the lifespan, let us have a quick overview below.

BreedWeightExpected Lifespan
Dutch Rabbit3.5 to 5.5 pounds10 years
Rex Rabbit7-10.5 pounds6-8 years
Mini Rex Rabbit3.5 to 4.5 pounds7-8 years
Lionhead Rabbit3 pounds7-10 years
Dwarf Rabbit3 to 3.4 pounds8-10 years

Mini Rex Rabbit Lifespan

This breed of rabbit is one of the most popular pet rabbits in the USA. They come in small and with plush and velvet fur. They are known for their gentle and friendly personality.

The fur gene of this breed of rabbit is discovered in the 1900s in France. The discovery this breed opened up another window to the cross-breeding of Rex rabbits. The cross-breeding of this gene with Netherlands Dwarf introduces another “Mini” Rex rabbit version known as Dwarf Rex.

Mini Rex tends to weigh 3.5 to 4.5 lbs. making them larger than dwarf breed of rabbits. They come in a wider range of colors. This breed of rabbits can be taken care of by anyone. However, they require more careful handling when it comes to younger people. Mini Rex requires getting enough opportunity to play.

Though the Mini rex rabbit lifespan is7-8 years old, some Mini Rexrabbits record to live up to 15 years. It’s on your hand to maximize their lifespan. You have to provide with the best care, a balanced diet, neutering or spaying. Furthermore, you have ensured an encouraging environment or your little friend.

Mini Rex RabbitAbout 3.5 to 4.5 pounds7-8 years

How Long Does Rex Rabbit Live?

There are several domestic pet rabbits out there. When pet fanciers think of a pet for their family, rex rabbits are the perfect choice for many. They are known as submissive, approachable, and huggable. On top of that, they require little effort to take care of. If you can play your due role, they must bring joy and fresh breath to your family.

Even though you love to bring Rex Rabbit to your family, you may mess with it if you don’t know the lifespan of rex rabbits. You can avoid messing up and mistreatment the pet by learning about the lifespan.

Rex Rabbit is greatly inviting for seniors or someone who is going to start keeping a pet for the first time. Moreover, singles or couples who live without family are also can treat them well if proper knowledge of nurturing.

Summing Up

The lifespan of Rex rabbits can be affected by several internal and external factors. Hence, you have to learn all of them. By learning about the Lifespan of Rex Rabbits, you can learn how long do the rabbit live and ensure the rabbits’ expected warmth, personality, and friendship to the maximum level.

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