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Mini Rex Rabbits are like cotton balls- you hold them in your hands and adore them the whole day. They are kept as pets and this is why they are very calm and friendly compared to other wild animals. But they are not always calm.

So are mini Rex rabbits aggressive? We cannot answer this in yes or no. And so, we have disclosed the confusion regarding the aggression of a mini Rex Rabbit. You must know it before you pet them!

Mini Rex Rabbit Temperament

No, mini Rex rabbits are not usually aggressive. If you have researched about them, you already know about their temperament. They are quite docile. Looking at a mini Rex, you will feel that even a velvet fabric is not as velvety as they are!

It’s quite true; they are the softest and most velvety pets ever when it comes to rabbits. This is why they make a good pet and almost all the mini Rex Owners will tell you the same.

These rabbits are often called family pets for their nature. Their gentle and easygoing character makes them one of the most sought-after pets in the USA after dogs, cats, and birds. The best part here is their sociable temperament.

Compared to the large rabbits, these mini bunnies are livelier. When it comes to their activity, being smaller, they are quite fun-loving and playful once they get accustomed to their surroundings.

However, if you have talked to a lot of mini Rex Owners, we can already tell that some of them have told you about their aggressiveness at times, isn’t it? If they are so docile and playful, how can they be aggressive? Well, we have discussed it briefly in the next segments.

When does a Mini Rex Rabbit get Aggressive?

They are kind and nice- as we said. Even if you have an allergy, you can pet them. Yes, you can! ‘Are mini Rex rabbits hypoallergenic’- take a look at it and come back here.

By now, you already know that the owners love this breed as their pet. However, some owners keep complaining that their little bunnies are getting aggressive without any reason.

This might bring out the confusion in your mind when you think about petting a mini Rex Rabbit. But well, here, we will tell you when the Rex rabbits get aggressive and why.

Firstly, almost this entire breed is generous and social. But just like humans, not all individuals are the same. Some of these rabbits tend towards being aggressive. But why do they get aggressive?

The Age

The first reason that can make your mini Rex Rabbits is their age. Yes, their age is a factor when it comes to their aggressiveness.

When these rabbits are young, they might seem aggressive. You will see them biting you at times or scratching you or other pets. This is quite common in this breed of rabbits and this happens almost with all the rabbits.

However, this activity level is only till they are 5 months to 6 months. One they are grown, they won’t bite, scratch or act aggressively with you or the other pets.  


Another reason, apart from the age of the Rex rabbits, for being aggressive is fear. You must understand that they are pretty small.

As a result, they are afraid of all the large things around them if they are not already familiar with it. If they don’t know you already and you try to touch them, they will feel threatened.

It can occur in many ways but if they fear you, feel threatened or are afraid of the surrounding- they will be aggressive towards you.

Even if you think about humans, if we don’t feel safe in any environment, we get aggressive. The same goes for the mini Rex Rabbits.

Mating Season

Sometimes, male mini Rex rabbits can get aggressive due to their nature in the mating season. The same characteristic is seen in a lot of other animals. Male species usually get aggressive during the mating season. However, they probably won’t hurt you in this situation.

They get aggressive in this season to prove their hierarchy. And in this stage, they only get aggressive to the other male Rex rabbits that they find to be their competitors.

Do Mini Rex Rabbits Bite?

As we have mentioned above, they are one of the gentlest rabbits and most of them won’t bite or scratch you. But if they are young, a few of them can have the nature of biting.

If we think about cats, they too bite when they are young. Also, if this rabbit breed feels threatened, they can be aggressive and bite or scratch you.

If you grab them from above and they get a fright, they can attack you. Make sure you stay away from sudden movements while holding the little bunny.

Wrap Up

Before you get yourself a mini Rex Rabbit as your pet, you must learn how to pet them and take care of them. Otherwise, if you are holding them or petting them in the wrong way, they can get aggressive.

Especially, in their first stage of life, you have to be a little patient if they bite, scratch, or be aggressive with you. Once they grow up, they will be the best bunny you will ever have!

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