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Most of us misunderstand the concept of rabbit and hare. Though the appearance of both is similar, these are different from a plethora of angles.

It may sound difficult to hear that Rabbit vs. hare, but after this composition, it will be crystal clear to understand the differences. Moreover, the prime difference is the sizes of both. The size of a hare is larger than the size of a rabbit.

Similar to the size, there are some other differences. Let’s talk about all the factors that will help you to understand which one is better for what.


The Difference between Rabbit VS Hare, Which One You Should Farm

Rabbit and hares both are enormously amazing for meat production. The most amazing fact is both of them have similar nutritional values. However, a hare has more protein in its meat than a rabbit due to its size.

Prime Differences between Rabbit And Hare

Here are the characteristics of a hare and rabbit that will help you to assume if it is a rabbit or hare at first glance.


A hare is larger than an average rabbit. Moreover, it has more meat according to the bone ratio than a rabbit.


Since a hare is larger in size than a rabbit and has longer behind legs, it is faster than a rabbit. An average hare can run 1.5 times faster than an average rabbit.

Jumping Capabilities

A hare can jump higher than a rabbit. If a rabbit can reach 4 feet high, it is unusual. The random height for rabbits is 3 to 3.5 feet. On the other hand, the average height of a jump for a hare is 4 feet.

Ears And Listening Capabilities

Hare can survive through any rural conditions due to its ears and listening capabilities. But, a rabbit is only for domestication. Generally and genetically, a hare has larger ears than a rabbit.


If you notice both of their coats decently, you will see, that there are back marks on the hare’s fur. Yet, a rabbit does not have this characteristic. The black mark of fur works as camouflage for hares on the ground.

Newborn Stage

When rabbit babies give birth, they are mostly clean, furless, and with closed eyes. But, the hare babies are utterly dissimilar. They are born with mild fur and are able to see with near vision.

Difficulty Level Of Taking Care Of A Rabbit And A Hare


The difficulty level of farming both of them is easy and the same. If you are good with rabbits, you are good with hare. Moreover, the diseases of both are also similar.

Most of the characteristics are similar doesn’t mean there are no dissimilarities. Unlike hare, rabbits are more likely to face heart disease due to their less active acts and body fat. But hares are nearly free from this problem.

Right One For You

Here comes the most confusing part, which is which one should you own to farm. The answer is simple. The one which you like most. This means, if you believe you can own a rabbit, you can also keep a hare. You can keep both of them together. So, it is no longer a big deal.

Yet, you must keep in mind that a rabbit requires more care and effort than a hare. A hare preserves a natural ability to fight against difficulties more than a rabbit does.

In the market, hare meat can cut off the shortage of white meat by serving enough nutrients. But, rabbit meat is more expensive due to its tenderness and creamy texture. Moreover, since the amount of body fat in a rabbit is more than a hare, rabbit meat is known as a delicacy.

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Are hares and rabbits the same thing?

Answer: We can say both are similar, but not the same. Hare has black marks that a rabbit doesn’t have. The size of a hare is larger than a rabbit. The ears of a hare are more capable of listening than a rabbit’s ear. There are also plenty of differences between these two animals.

Is a hare just a wild rabbit?

Answer: No, it can be domesticated, therefore, it is not a wild animal. It is similar to a rabbit. For example, panthers and mountain lions belong to the same family, the large cat family. Yet, both are quite different.

Is a hare faster than a rabbit?

Answer: Undoubtedly, hares are faster than rabbits. It is approximately 1.3 times faster than an average full-grown rabbit. Moreover, it can also jump higher than a rabbit.

Is A hare male or female?

Answer: Hare is completely another species. Therefore, you can find both males and females in the hare breed. Many people misunderstand hare as the male rabbit, which is a completely wrong concept.


A hare requires 1.2 times larger space to own than a usual rabbit cage. So, if you desire to farm any of them you must know the differences and here we conclude regarding hare vs. rabbit. Lastly, we certainly suggest if you desire to farm, you can keep both of them together. It will help each other to produce more meat and prevent general diseases.

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