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If your bunny is going out and you want to catch her, you should maintain some of the things on how to catch a bunny in your backyard.

Here, you will get the information about all the steps of capturing a rabbit without facing much trouble. Also, we will give you some tricks so that your bunny will be safe.

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Why Do You Need to Let Your Bunny Out of The Hutch?

Sometimes, you should let your rabbit out of their hutch. The reason is they should be comfortable in any kind of environment. Know the temperament of your rabbit. Some rabbits are shy, some are naughty and some are easily frightened. So, it’s necessary to keep them away from their hutch for some time.

To do that, first, you should gain their trust and let them explore the outside of their hutch. Treat him right and make their room quiet and peaceful. You should make the environment as peaceful as possible. So, they feel safe and relaxed.

Also, give her treats to make them happy. This is a good way to appreciate them and enhance their mood with positivity. Give your rabbit some pieces of apple, carrot, oats, or bananas. After that, let them be out of the hutch to explore the outside world. Don’t force them to come back. They will automatically come back when they overcome their curiosity.

All you should do is to make your bunny confident. When your rabbit gains confidence, she begins to do it regularly. Take your rabbit onto your lap. Pet her and make her comfortable. When the trust builds between you and your bunny, things will be easier for you to handle.

Things You Should Do To Catch A Bunny

When you want to catch your bunny, you should maintain some strategies. Bunnies are good pets. It’s easy for the pet if you are careful of some things. If they get out, it may be difficult to handle them. You should know what you can do in this case.

Know The Strategies for Picking Your Rabbit Quickly

First, you should know the tricks of picking your rabbit in a hurry. You need to catch your rabbit quickly. So, what you can do is get a large towel and drop it over your bunny. Cover her properly and make sure the head is covered. Then pick her.

Besides, you should watch out for their nails because it can hurt you while picking your rabbit. Always cut their nails in time. How to cut a squirmy Rabbits nails? Learn the method first.

Get Some Friends

If you find it difficult, you can get help from a friend. It becomes easier for you to catch a rabbit if there are several people around the area. So, this is another option you can consider.

Get The Carrier Ready

When you catch your bunny, make sure you have your carrier ready. That’s how it becomes less tough for you to capture your rabbit. Also, you need someone standing to fight beside the carrier so you can grab the bunny and put it in that.

Make The Makeshift Enclosure

One of the best ways to catch a rabbit is to create a makeshift enclosure like an exercise pen enclosure. You just need something tall and wide enough to create the enclosure so that your rabbit cannot go out of it.

Find The Rabbit

Now, the finding process starts. If you haven’t found your rabbit yet, you need to look for the signs. See if she may drop something. You can also look in the places where she may chew plants or some other food. These signs can guide you in the direction of him. This is the easiest way to find your bunny.

You should make sure that you escape the routes. If you are in a yard, close all the possible escaping routes before capturing her.

Surround The Rabbit

Another thing to ensure is that you keep your rabbit away from roads. Let her roam around in a place where there are barriers.  So, they don’t get hurt. Besides, you need to surround the bunny. Keep watching her going away to find out where she hides. Create a big enclosure around her to make a surrounding. In this way, you can find out your bunny without any trouble.

Pick Up The Bunny And Put Her in The Carrier

Pick Up The Bunny And Put Her in The Carrier

Now, carefully pick up your bunny. While doing it, ensure that you support her back portion to avoid hurting her. Secure her legs and wrap your arm around her body. Once you pick her up, put her in the carrier. It becomes transportation easy. Even if you are going to take her into the house, using a carrier will cause less trouble. It will decrease the chances of hurting her as well.

Call The Experts

One thing you can do is call the experts if you are failing at capturing the bunny. Call animal control and they will help you. This is safe for your rabbit. So, this is another option you can consider if you cannot capture your rabbit.

Wrap Up

Catching a rabbit is not that tough if she is in a surrounded place. Apply these tips that we have shared here and capture your rabbit quickly. There is a lot of information about how to catch a bunny in a backyard.

Get the information and catch your rabbit to secure them.

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