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If you are afraid of not picking up your rabbit the right way, you can get all the tips about how to pick up a rabbit without scaring it?

In this article, we are going to show you some of the basic facts about how you can behave with your bunny to gently pick it up. Let’s check all the information about it to get things clear.

So, let’s get started!

Method of Picking Up A Rabbit without Scaring It

If you pet a rabbit, you should know that it can adapt well to the indoor environment. But if you are new to this work, you should know all about how rabbits behave and how you should make things work with them. It’s important to safely pick up your rabbit otherwise they may get hurt.

Method of Picking Up A Rabbit without Scaring It

Let’s check out some of the hacks so that you won’t injure your bunny at all.

Step 1: Help Your Rabbit To be Comfortable

You can place a nice plate of greens for your bunny so that they can eat it and decrease any kind of potential anxiety. Besides, you should also be careful about the fact that you don’t make any sudden sounds or move. It can frighten your rabbit.

Make sure you are gentle with them which makes them comfortable with the situation. If they feel threatened, they will run faster and hide in any corner. Don’t do that and be gentle with them.

Step 2: Know How Not to Pick Your Bunny

Before you know how to pick up your rabbit, learn how not to pick up. There are some things you should know to identify what you should avoid. First, make sure to avoid picking up your bunny by his legs, ears, tail, or scruff. The reason is rabbits are delicate and it will hurt them if you become harsh with them.

Grabbing them like that may cause fracture, tearing, or dislocation of the soft tissue or the muscle. So, make sure you don’t do all these things.

Step 3: Place Your Palm Under The Rabbit’s Chest

You should also place your palm under the chest of your rabbit. It helps to lift it quite softly. After that lift the front legs off the ground to check if it’s okay or not. Then set it back down. Make sure you reward them for that after you are done. It encourages them and helps you to take further steps.

Step 4: Use The Loose Skin to Hold

Try not to pick the bunny up by the scruff. You can use it as a handle while using your other arm to tuck the hind legs under your rabbit and lift it mildly. After that, you should place your free hand on your rabbit’s rump.

Then roll back the legs and hold the feet up by using your hand. It helps to prevent your bunny from running out and injuring themselves.

Step 5: Use Two Hands to Lift The Bunny

Use both hands to lift your bunny. Place one hand under the rabbit’s chest and the other under his behind. You should position it in such a way that they should be comfortable. Ensure that you have a firm grip on the rabbit’s body so that it cannot leap from your hands.

Step 6: Coax The Rabbit Out of A Hiding Place

Influence your rabbit by giving him food or some treats instead of dragging him out. If your rabbit goes under your furniture, you should give him a treat before trying to pick him up. Try to get out of those places that may be difficult for you to reach. Also, make sure you don’t pull on your bunny’s tail or legs to get closer to you. Be gentle and that is all that works for you better.

Step 7: Look for Signs

You need to look for any signs that signify that the rabbit doesn’t want to give you the allowance to pick it up. If you see the rabbit thump a hind leg at that time you approach, then you have to be aware that it is a warning for you that they are still afraid of you and your presence. Behave calmly with them at this point.

Step 8: Hold The Bunny with The Head And Higher Than The Hindquarters

You have to hold your bunny slightly higher than the hindquarters. It helps to hold your rabbit securely. Make sure to avoid pointing its head down as your bunny may try to jump out of your arms. And this can injure them as well.

Step 10: Reward The Rabbit with A Treat

Last but not the least, you should give your rabbit a treat or a reward so that they become happy and encouraged. After all, they deserve it. Gently pet your bunny to keep them comfortable.

How to Approach a Rabbit Without Scaring Them

Wrap Up 

Now that you know all about the things about how to pick up a rabbit without scaring it?, you should get all the steps that we have shared with you. In this article, we describe the basic principles and moves that you can use to pick up your rabbit.

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Get these things well and then make your move accordingly to lift your rabbit gently!

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