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Angora rabbits are different from other rabbits. You need to know the Angora rabbit facts if you are planning to have one of these kinds of rabbit breed.

In this post, we will be describing all of the details about Angora, their origin, and some facts about them. This is how you know some interesting facts about Angoras.

Let’s dive right into the details for more information.

What Is Angora Rabbit?

What Is Angora Rabbit?

The Angora rabbit origin is in Ankara (also known as Angora), Turkey. It became popular with the French royalty in the mid-18th century. The Angora rabbits are the oldest kinds of domestic animals. It has a long furry coat that is known as Angora wool. They need a lot of grooming by combing, shearing, or plucking.

Their wool is effective because they don’t contain the same allergic reactions as many other animals. There are different types of Angora rabbits such as French Angora, English Angora, German Angora, Giant Angora, Satin Angora, and The Lesser-Known Angoras. Some Angoras are also used to make delicious dishes. There is a comparison of rabbit meat and chicken meat where you can get many facts about Angoras.

The temperament of Angora rabbits is good. Angora rabbits can live 5-8 years. The Angora rabbit lifespan is like this. Angora rabbits are gentle, intelligent, and love to play. But they dislike being picked up rather than snuggled up. The reason is when you pick them up, they become frightened. And that’s when they become aggressive. They need some extra care when managed.

Facts About Angora Rabbit

Among all the rabbit breeds in the world, Angora breeds are the most different ones. There are some amazing facts about Angora rabbits that you need to know.

Facts About Angora Rabbit

The First Angora

The first Angora rabbits came to the USA in the mid 19 century. Angora rabbits were considered the Angora Wooler for many years. The change came in 1939. It happened when ARBA started sorting them into FRENCH and ENGLISH types.

They became separated in 1944 and the. names were given that we still call them. The English Angora and the French Angora are the two larger breeds among all of them.

The Most Famous Angora, Wally

There is the most popular Angora breed and he is called Wally. He has more than 200,000 followers on his Instagram account. Wally doesn’t have the typical fur of Angora rabbits. He is friendly, energetic, and adorable. He likes to eat, and posts photos of sleeping, eating, and exploring. His content will surely make you laugh and love him.

The Angora Wool Requires A Lot of Grooming

There is an Angora breed named the Angora Wool. It has so much thick wool that you need to groom it often. If you don’t like to groom them often then try any French Angoras. They have coarser fur than the other Angoras. And if you like to have the English Angora, you should be prepared to groom them daily.

The Giant Angora

The giant Angora is the largest Angora of all of them. The weight of it is at least 9.5 pounds and up to 10 pounds. These are the giant angora rabbit facts.

Angora Clubs

Do you know that there is an Angora club? Well, there is a club called The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club, Inc. that is founded for the care and promotion of Angora breeds. Not just that, the American Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly have their individual clubs as well.

The names of their clubs are the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club and the National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club.

The Satin Angora

The Satin Angora includes two types of fur. They generally don’t produce wool and the other types of large Angora. Their wool has a satin quality. And that makes it unique.

The Jersey Wool

The Jersey Wooly is the smallest among all the Angora breeds. They weigh less than 3.5 pounds.

Harvesting Angora

Talking about harvesting Angora, you should know that it’s an easy task. But you need to be aware of what you are doing. They are usually harvested by shearing or plucking. You can take help from an expert to know the safest way of doing it.

Colors of Angora

Angora rabbits are colorful. The angora rabbit colors are black, copper, fawn, blue, chocolate, chinchilla, lilac, opal, lynx, pointer white, seal, sable, blue-eyed white, ruby-eyed white, and red. Satin and French rabbits come in a smoke pearl color. The giant Angora is in ruby-eyed white. There are more colors that Angora rabbits are processing to officially develop it.

Angora rabbit facts- English angora rabbit pet care and how to Groom

Wrap Up

As you can see the different types of Angora rabbits and other facts about them, you can easily differentiate them and choose what you prefer.

Read the Angora rabbit facts and you will know all about the Angora rabbit habitat that helps you to have a basic idea about them.

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