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Do you want to know about the English spot rabbit facts?

Then you are in the right place.

The English spot rabbits are good. It is a different kind of rabbit that is delicate, sweet, and has a good temperament. There are a lot of things that you need to know about them.

In this article, we are going to talk about all the characteristics and health issues of the English rabbits. Let’s check the details out.

What Is An English Spot Rabbit?

The English spot rabbit is another kind of breed similar to rabbits. This breed came to the light in the 19th century in England.

However, you will be amazed to know that the English rabbit is the oldest rabbit breed. It is a mid-sized rabbit that is popular for its marking on the body.

The English rabbit is easy to groom. It is littered with unique spots. This is the reason for having this name. English rabbits are affectionate and delicate. And that makes them a wonderful pet for a lot of different types of people.

English Spot Rabbit Characteristics

Talking about the English spot rabbit’s characteristics, they are known for their coat. It is with some unique markings. This is the reason that makes it so popular. English spot rabbits are considered great house rabbits. It is suitable for many people to have this as their pet. They are suitable for first-timers as well.

English Spot Rabbit Characteristics

Just like that, they have a bunch of good characteristics that you need to know.


The coats of the English spot rabbits are dense and short. They have flyback fur. And the fur is stroked from the opposite direction. They don’t shed that much. And when they do, you don’t even notice it because of the short hair. Also, they don’t require grooming often. Whereas, Angora rabbits have thick and heavy. You can get the information from Angora rabbit facts.


The English spot rabbit colors are blue, gray, black, gold, tortoise, and lilac. These types of rabbits are known for their markings. Any English spot rabbit must have markings. There also can be butterfly markings on their cheek areas, nose, ears, eyes, and more areas of the body. There is also a herringbone that is mainly a strip of color down their back.


The appearance of the English Spot Rabbit is a bit different than others. They are a medium-sized breed. The English spot rabbit’s weight is around 5-8 lbs. Their body shape is full-arch one that is both lean and long. The hips are round and the legs are long. Also, their ears are long and stand vertically on top of their head.


The lifespan of the English Spot Rabbits is average. The English Spot rabbit’s life expectancy is around 5-9 years. However, they can live longer if they are provided with much care.


The English spot rabbits are show-rabbits. They have one of the best temperaments of all the animals out there. They are used to being picked up and petted. They are affectionate with their owners. So, petting them is easier even for first-timers.

They are also easy-going. The English spot rabbits are not overly active but they have that energy. So, they won’t be a boring pet.

Popular Health Issues of English Spot Rabbit

The English spotted rabbits have some health issues like the other animals. They can have several health problems that they can suffer.

Ear Mites- Ear mites are the common parasites that most pet rabbits have. If you see the rabbits shaking their head then there is a chance of having ear mites. In that situation, you need to take your pet to the vet and get treatment immediately.

Popular Health Issues of English Spot Rabbit

Malocclusion– This is a dental issue. In this case, the upper and lower teeth don’t sit in a certain line. As a result, the chewing process gets interrupted. They need a regular dental checkup in this case. Otherwise, they cannot eat food properly.

Flystrike– The symptoms of having flystrike is loss of motion, seizures, skin irritations, and more. This happens when flies get into their eggs on soiled patches of fur. They start to eat the rabbit from the inside out. Always make sure the rear end of your rabbit is clean.

GI Stasis– This issue involves the digestive system. It happens when the digestive system slows down or stops. There are some symptoms of GI stasis. Such as loss of appetite, lethargy, and less or no fecal pellets. In this case, they need immediate treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Do English Spot rabbits make good pets?

English spot rabbits are good pets. They are affectionate and adorable. Any kind of people including first-timers can also pet an English spot rabbit.

2. How big do English Spots rabbits?

The English spot rabbits are medium in size. They have a minimum weight of 8 pounds. The shape is like a full arch body with lean and long legs. The ears are vertically long with rounded tips and the fur is dense and short.

3. What age are English Spot rabbits fully grown?

There are several types of English spot rabbits like English Angora, Harlequin, French Lop, Netherland Dwarf, and more. The English Angora is fully grown in 7-8 months, Harlequin is 8-9 months, Dutch and Holland Lop is within 6-7 months, and Netherland dwarf is within 4-5 months.

Wrap Up

Now that you have the information about the English spot rabbits, you can choose whether you want this type of rabbit or not. Check the English spot rabbits facts then decide.

The English spot rabbits are cute. If you want to pet a rabbit, this breed is perfect for you.

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