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If you need to go for a long time and you are confused about whether your rabbits can be alone all this time or not, then you must read this post.

In this article, we talk about the time limit of when rabbits can be alone and what you should do to keep them safe and sound. Also, we are giving you some tips to keep them as comfortable as possible.

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How Long Can Rabbits be Alone

Rabbits are social animals. So, it may be difficult for them to stay inside for a long time. In short, rabbits can be left alone for about 2 to 4 days indoors. They like company. They don’t need much food.

So, if you keep enough food and water, a rabbit can be alone for four days. But if it is about a long time, the ratio becomes different.

Can You Leave a Rabbit Alone Overnight?

You can easily leave rabbits overnight because they can be alone for 6 to 10 hours. So, it becomes easier for you to leave your rabbit indoors. You don’t need to worry much. They are social but it won’t bring any harm if you are alone for some hours.

Can You Leave a Rabbit Alone Overnight?

However, before leaving your rabbit, make sure that you take all the necessary steps so that your rabbit can be safe in the house.

Can You Leave a Rabbit Alone for a Weekend?

If you want your rabbit to be in the house for a weekend, you can do that. Rabbits can be left alone for some days. But ensure that you do the arrangements for them like keep enough food and water. Also, keep the place clean and keep the rabbit toys in place so that they can get access to it.

These things help them from getting bored. It’s no big deal if they live in the cage for some days if they have the essentials with them.

Can You Leave a Rabbit Alone for a Week or More?

If you are planning to go outside of your house for a week or more and you are wondering whether the rabbits can be alone indoors or not, then we suggest that you should not leave your rabbits for this long. As they are social creatures, they may feel lonely.

This is why it will be difficult for them to be alone. And if there is only one rabbit, it becomes tougher for him to spend his time without any company. Besides, it will be difficult to keep enough food and water because you never know how much he is going to need.

Moreover, no matter how well you clean the cage before going, it will be a mess because it is a matter of a huge time. Not even all humans can live alone for a long time. So, it’s obvious that rabbits can also feel bad being alone. They may die because of that anxiety. So, it will be better if you avoid leaving your rabbit alone for a week or more.

Things To Arrange When Leaving a Rabbit Alone

There could be some situations that appear that you cannot ignore. It could be an emergency. And for that, you need to travel far away from your home. In this case, you need to make some arrangements so that your rabbit can stay there well.

See the details below.


You have to make sure that your rabbit gets regular exercise. The rabbit should run free for 2 hours minimum. You can also take safety equipment to keep the rabbit safe. This equipment can easily be found in any local animal store. 

Attention and Company

Rabbits need company. And if you are away, they will miss you. So, make sure you give them proper attention and company before leaving. Also, leave anything you have that has a smell of you.

As rabbits have strong noses, they get the smell and it keeps them comfortable. They feel they have company. You can also tell some relatives or friends of yours to go and give them company. This will make them happy.

Food and Water

Before leaving home, make sure you keep proper food and water for your rabbits. You can ask someone to take care of your rabbits and ensure that water is changed twice a day and food is provided from time to time.


Rabbits are clean animals. They like to be cleaned. So, before you leave, make sure you clean the area where they are staying. Rabbits can be upset because you are away and they feel alone, they might deny their grooming.

So, if you are away, make sure you clean the area before leaving and tell the pet’s guardian to clean the litter box and other areas properly.


Before you hire a caregiver, make sure that he is aware of the safety of rabbits. Further, he must know the danger and health risks of them. Not just that, but he should also know how to cure that.

Tips To Leave Your Rabbits for A Long Time

Get some tips that you should follow before leaving your rabbits for a long time. Check the points below.

Get A Larger Hay Feeder

Your rabbit sitter may be good, but not as good as you in case of taking care of your bunny. They might be late to reach your house. So, it will be a good idea to keep a decent amount of hay for your rabbit. You don’t want your rabbit to run out of hay. That’s why make sure you do that.

Get A Larger Litter Box

If you see your rabbit makes the litter box messy, you should replace it with a bigger one. In this way, the litter box will be less messy. And it will be easier to clean up when you get home.

Consider A Rabbit Sitter

When you are away, you need someone who could visit you at least thrice a week. While visiting, the caregiver should take care of the rabbit’s needs. He should bring the rabbits fresh water, hay, rabbit toys, and more.

Introduce The Rabbit Sitter

If you introduce new people to your rabbit, it may be a matter of fear for your pet. But the bunny needs to be introduced to the bunny sitter before you leave. The sitter also gets to know the bunny as well.

Keep Lights on A Timer

Make sure you keep the lights on a timer so that the rabbits won’t get afraid. This system will turn the lights on and off regularly. And the rabbits feel safe.

Get Different Types of Rabbit Toys

Rabbit toys keep your rabbits busy. Also, it stops them from getting bored as they are alone. So, we recommend you leave some rabbit toys for them.

Consider Getting A Larger Rabbit Water

You must not take the risk of running out of water. It will be dangerous for your rabbit’s health. It is even more important than hay to keep your rabbit hydrated. Your bunny should not be without water for more than 24 hours. So, make sure you keep enough water.

Music And Videos on A Timer

This is another good way to stop the rabbits from getting bored. Introduce some of the music and videos to your rabbits before you leave. Then leave the music and videos on a timer.

Introduce New Rabbit Equipment

Not just leaving the rabbit toys is enough. You need to introduce these toys to them when it’s new. If you want your rabbits to get used to the new things like the new rabbit sitter, large litter box, feeders, waterers, and more, you need to introduce them first.

Get A Remote Monitor

If possible, get a remote monitor to check on your pet easily. You can get an affordable remote monitor that you can access from your phone. When you are out, use this device and see how your pets are doing.

How Long Can Rabbits Be Left On Their Own?

Wrap Up

Now that you know about “how long can you leave rabbits alone?” from this article, you need to follow the guidelines to keep your rabbits safe in the house when you are not there.

Rabbits can feel lonely. What you can do is to get a rabbit sitter and give him all the necessary information on how he should take care of them.

Follow the guidelines and ensure their total safety of them!

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