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If you want to train a rabbit to come to you when you call them, you need to be sure that you make a good bond with them first. Check all the details about how to train a rabbit to come when called.

In this article, we describe the entire process of training your rabbit, some tricks you can follow, and some frequently asked questions to make everything clear.

Let’s see the information in detail!

Method of Training A Rabbit to Come When Called

To train your rabbit to listen and respond when you call, you need to do something about it. You should attract your rabbit by your movements so that they can listen and come to you when you call. To know more specifically, take a look at the method step-by-step.

Method of Training A Rabbit to Come When Called

Step 1: Provide for Your Rabbit’s Basic Needs

First, you need to ensure that you provide your rabbit’s basic needs first. If it is not fulfilled, your bunny won’t listen to you. Also, they cannot be fit and healthy thus cannot concentrate when you train them. That is the reason you must give her proper food and shelter as well.

Ensure that your rabbit has sound health before he is going to faces the training process. If your rabbit cannot get proper food, she will be sick and unhealthy. But if she gets it, she becomes healthy and it will be easier for you to train her as she will be interested in doing it.

Step 2: Be Calm and Even Temperament with The Rabbit

Another thing you should be careful about is to be calm and gentle. If you want to train your rabbit fast, you should be patient and behave gently with them. No matter what, you should always keep in mind that rabbits are delicate pets. You should communicate with them in a good way or they can get upset. They cannot respond well to aggression. And that can interrupt your training session.

That is the reason you should have a positive attitude towards them. It builds trust in you and they will communicate and follow your commands with you nicely.

Step 3: Invest A Decent Amount of Time to Train

If you want to train them to respond when you call them, you need to invest a lot of time in it. Spend a certain amount of your time daily to train your rabbit. Keep practicing is important. Make sure you don’t make the sessions lengthy. It should be short ones like 5-10 minutes per session. This will be easier for them to learn.

Step 4: Use Your Rabbit’s Preferable Treat

The other way to attract your bunnies is to give them their favorite treat. It can be any food or something else. Training is based on practice. Teach them according to what they are attracted to. Give them some carrots if they like them. This may provide some nutrition to them and you can get a positive response from them as well.

If you know their favorite treat, you can easily attract them by giving them that. Take a chance and experiment like that. However, if you see your rabbit isn’t responding, it means it won’t work with a treat. You can then experiment with new food or a new treat. Try this out and see your rabbit’s reaction.

Step 5: Be Near Your Rabbit

Try to be near your rabbit as much as possible. Bring healthy and preferable treats like celery and carrots. Hold them gently and pet them for a while. That comforts them and they can learn easily.

Step 6: Give Your Rabbit The Treat

Provide your rabbit with her favorite treat. It encourages her to listen to you. The positive approach put an effect on the rabbit’s actions. After giving her the treat, give her the command and repeat the approach to practice.

Step 7: Make A Little Distance

Move yourself a little bit further to make a moderate distance from your bunny. However, make sure you don’t move too far. You just need to move a couple of feet. This helps to achieve the goal more effectively.

Step 8: Give The Command

Now, you need to give your rabbit a command by holding a treat for them. This is how your need to command your rabbit and your rabbit follows you. You don’t have to do much for that. Holding a treat and giving the command is enough. But if you don’t get any response from your rabbit then you need to move back and get to your closer position. And from that position, again give the command.

Step 9: Repeat

You need to repeat the procedures for some time. What you can do is call your rabbit occasionally so that they can be used to it. Use some treats each time and continue doing it for the first few weeks. If your rabbit responds to your commands from a close distance, try to call them from a further distance as well.

Step 10: Use A Toy

You can use a toy instead of food. Reward your rabbit with some petting and toys. This will make them happy and encouraged. Use food and toys occasionally. It helps your rabbit to respond quickly when called out.

Step 11: Clicker Training

You can consider using the clicker training as well. A lot of people use this training to get more responses from their rabbits. When you feed your bunny, click the clicker and it helps your bunny to associate with food. Click the clicker while training your rabbit.

Tell her that the treat is coming. The rabbit does anything to get the reward. Give her a treat so that they can enjoy and. Click every time you reward her. Even if you click mistakenly, your rabbit will know that a click means a reward or a treat. This is how the response comes when you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get your rabbit to come when called?

You need to give your rabbit a treat or something to encourage them to respond. You have to be patient with her while training her.

2. Do rabbits come when you call them?

Yes, rabbits usually come when you call them. When she gets used to it, she starts to listen to you. As animals are intelligent and they learn quickly, it is possible.

3. How do you get a rabbit to trust you?

To gain the trust of a rabbit, you need to behave gently with them. Pet them well, love them with care, feed them and give them treats to encourage them.

4. How long does it take for a bunny to bond with you?

Making a bond with your rabbit is easy if you are patient with them. The entire process needs a day to up to many months depending on your bunny.

How To Teach Your Rabbit to Come When Called

Wrap Up

To sum up, you should know that your bunny is an intelligent, loveable, and social animal. That is why you should make a bond with your rabbit. If you want positive responses, you need to check the process we are sharing about how to train a rabbit to come when called.

Check all the details about it then apply the tricks to make a good relationship with your bunny. And you will see how she listens to you and follows your command.

Love your pet and shower them with love because they deserve it.

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