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Using a litter box is a must no matter how many techniques you apply. For that reason, you should know all the information about how to train a rabbit to use a litter box and execute it according to the process.

In this article, we are going to show you the method of training your rabbit, the proper steps, and some to give you a better idea of it.

See the process well.

What Things Do You Need to Train Your Rabbit to Use A Litter Box?

To know how you can train your rabbit to use a litter box, first, you need some things to organize the litter box. These are the things you need to help your rabbit to use a litter box:

Litter Box

The first thing is to have a litter box. It is the thing you need to have for your rabbit to use it instead of any random places. It is mainly a container that your rabbit should use. If you cannot find a litter box, you can take a container instead. When you are going to buy a litter box, you can take those that are made especially for rabbits.

This is generally a small box that becomes comfortable for your rabbit. But make sure the side of the container should not be too high. Otherwise, it becomes too tall and uncomfortable for them.


For litter, you can have hay that you can get from a local store or simply from a farmer. Another thing you can do is to purchase it online in a bulk amount.

A Cage

This is the usual and most important thing of all. You should have a cage for your rabbit to have some kind of limit for her to learn using the litter box. You should keep doing this process for a certain time. Once your rabbit is trained, you can let her roam freely. Keeping your rabbit confined in the early ages of the learning process is important. And for that, you need a cage.

Chair Mat

The chair mat is an optional element. So, you can skip it if you don’t want it. This is used to protect your floor from any damage or stain. When buying one, make sure you get a chair mat that is a hard plastic one so that she can resist chewing.

Rabbit-Safe Litter

You can use recycled newspaper pellet litter such as any kind of old newspaper to use it as a safety element litter for them. Ensure that it is an unscented one.

Puppy Pen

Puppy pens are helpful to limit the rabbit’s space. It helps to confine her so that she cannot exceed the area. This is a great opportunity to train your rabbit.

Snappy Trainers

If you see your rabbit peeing on the clean surface, bed, or couch, you can use a snappy tripper to keep your rabbits out of the place.

Hay Feeder

Hay feeder is needed to place next to the box. It helps to keep rabbits in the litter box. That is how they can learn to use the litter box in the right way.

Method of Training Your Rabbit to Use A Litter Box

If you want to have your rabbits learn how to use a litter box, you need to follow some steps to train them well. Check the method that we are going to show you in some easy steps.

Method of Training Your Rabbit to Use A Litter Box

Step 1: Prepare The Litter Box And Use Food To Encourage Your Rabbit To Use The Litter Box

Your rabbits are social but delicate creatures. That is why you should start the process keeping in mind that you have to be extremely careful about your rabbit’s comfort. Rabbits prefer to pee and poop anywhere in the place. This is the habit. They also like to eat while they poop. So, you should have food for your rabbits to encourage them to use a litter box.

If you want your rabbits to stop using these random places like the corner of the cage, you need to train the rabbits to poop or pee in the litter box. For that, place some hay inside the container and on the top of the litter. Besides, get the scent of your favorite choice to attract the rabbits to use the litter box. Moreover, keep the hay in a separate box and put it near the litter container so that your bunny can reach out to the litter box.

Step 2: Teach Your Rabbit

Now, start the teaching session. And to do that, first, you should convince your bunny to use the box. If your bunny insists on going outside of the litter box to potty, you need to wipe the urine by using a paper towel, pick up the poop and clean all the places. This can be a tiresome job for you.

That is why you have to convince your rabbit to use the litter box. It is helpful to avoid any kind of a mess. Place the box in a certain place that helps the rabbit to accept the idea of using the box to potty. Make sure you teach them the tricks steadily.

Further, we recommend you get a lining on the floor beneath the litter box. It makes the cleaning easier.

Step 3: Place The Litter Box

At this point, you should place the litter box in that particular place so that it gets easier for the bunny to go there and pee or potty. The first thing you can do is to identify where your bunny goes the most to potty. According to that, place the box there. Sometimes, your rabbi may tell you where she wants to put the litter box.

Step 4: Become A Helping Hand of Your Rabbit

While teaching your rabbits how they can use the litter box, first you should learn their body language. You should identify when they want to poop. When your rabbit lifts its tail, it can be a sign of poop. Also, if you see she puts her tail in a certain position, you need to take her immediately to put her in the litter box.

Your rabbit may face some accidents but it is part of the process to get trained fast. In this way, your rabbit can be habituated to using the litter box.

Tips to Consider While Training Your Rabbit to Use A Litter Box

There are always some additional tips available that you need to see while training your rabbits. Let’s see some of them below:

  • Prepare your rabbit first. Make sure she is comfortable doing this entire process
  • Bunnies can be tougher to handle even than cats. So, you have to be extremely patient
  • Start the process. It may take more than a day. Keep practicing your rabbits and she gets habituated in this way
  • Keep the total protection of the area. Rabbits are delicate and you should ensure the ultimate protection for them
  • Get a plastic mat to place underneath the box. It avoids the areas from creating a mess.
  • Keep excess hay out of the litter box

Video Guide: Train Rabbit To Use litter box

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Wrap Up

Now that you get the details about how to train a rabbit to use a litter box, you can apply the method according to the steps. Make sure you ensure the ultimate security of your rabbit. Accidents can happen but having good protection is a must to avoid any bigger injuries.

You can get the entire information of how you can train them and some additional information or tricks as well in this article. You can also check other articles about rabbits from this site to know about them better.

Train them well and that encourages them to use the litter box.

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