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If you are confused about giving your wild rabbit corn, then you should see the details of this article about do wild rabbits eat corn?

In this post, we are showing you the ultimate reason why corn is not appropriate food for the wild or any rabbit. Check out the details to know more information.

So, let’s get started!

Nutrition Facts of Corn

Carbs41 grams
Fiber4.6 grams
Protein         5.4 grams
Calories177 calories
Magnesium42.6 mg
Vitamin K0.7 mcg
vitamin B1 (Thiamine)       4 mg
vitamin B9 (Folate)75.4mcg
Vitamin C10.2 mg
Potassium348 mg
Fat2.1 grams

Clarification of Whether Wild Rabbits Eat Corn Or Not

If you have a wild rabbit and you are confused about whether your rabbits will eat corn or not, then you must know the details about it. Generally, most of the owners like to feed their wild rabbits in the colder seasons. Most rabbits are fine all winter. Rabbits usually eat trees, branches, twigs, and all. 

But if you want to feed your wild rabbits corn then research before doing anything. You cannot give corn kernels because it is not good for your rabbit’s digestion. It has hulls that have complex polysaccharides. It creates a blockage in their digestive tract. So, make sure you avoid it.

Having a lot of sugar and carbs is another reason why corn is not suitable. Besides, corn husks are hard and stringy for your rabbits. They cannot chew it well. So, it will be best for them to avoid having corn as no dried, fresh or cooked corn is not good for their digestive system.

It’s also true that everything has an exception. You can see rabbits that can eat corn and don’t have any digestive problems. If you see this type of case, you can surely give your rabbits corn because it has some good nutrients. It will be healthy for them. Make sure you check if it is proper for your rabbit or not and take the necessary steps accordingly.

What Are The Scientific Reasons To Avoid Corn kernels?

Corn kernels are harmful to your bunny. It is not digestible for your wild rabbit. It creates internal wounds to your rabbit’s body. That is why you have to avoid giving your bunny hulls of corn kernels. It also makes a blockage that hampers the digestive system. Make sure if the food has polysaccharides, avoid giving it to your bunny.

Further, you should give your bunny low-carb foods because it is perfect for your rabbits. But corn has a high amount of sugar and starch. It is not suitable for your rabbit’s health. This is why it is not a good food to fulfill the criteria of what your rabbits need.

Furthermore, all the corn is not grown organically like before. Some corn may also have mycotoxin. So, it is not a healthy one for your rabbit’s health.

When Do Wild Rabbits eat?

In early mornings, wild rabbits generally eat natural hay and grass. Mornings are the safest time for them. They eat near their hiding areas. You should also know that they eat during the first hour of grazing. Also, they search if there are other plants available in the area so that they feel safe there.

Moreover, those rabbits also eat night feces or cecotropes just like domestic rabbits. These things have some nutritional factors that give them the energy that they need to survive. The problem is that wild rabbits can have some diseases easily. That is why they don’t live long. The lifespan of the rabbit is between 8 to 12 years.

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked or Canned Corn?

Both wild and domestic rabbits cannot have cooked, canned, or processed corn. It is because they love fresh food. Rabbits cannot digest all kinds of foods as they are herbivores. So, they ultimately face many digestive problems if you give them processed or cooked food like cooked corn.

How to Feed Your Wild Rabbits?

To feed your wild rabbits, first, you should select a spot to feed your rabbit. This can be in your house, your yard, or wherever you feel is safe for your rabbit. Make sure you provide your bunny with leafy and fresh vegetables and herbs. Make sure you give your rabbit healthy food that doesn’t ruin the rabbit’s digestive system and cause gas.

Also, give your rabbits water. For that, keep some water in a bowl so that the rabbits can drink and avoid being dehydrated.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know all the facts about do wild rabbits eat corn, you need to follow the rules accordingly. See the details from this article and give your rabbits the proper nutritional food that they deserve.

Love your wild bunny and feed them. They also deserve the right nutrition just like the other ones.

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