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Having sufficient amount of quality hay is an essential part of nurturing the rabbits perfectly. Feeding hay to your little friend can give you the best opportunity to live better along with ensuring sound health and proper growth.

Since the hay owners do not sell small amounts of hay, you have to spend huge money after hay. Still, you can save some money if you know how to recycle and store hay. This content is going to share some hay storage ideas for rabbits.

Pet rabbit’s owners have already discovered several ideas to store hay, which you can apply to save money. If you go through the entire article, you’ll find some indoor hay storage ideas along with several outdoor hay storage ideas.

Hay Storage Ideas For Rabbits: Why It Pays Off

There are a lot of ideas you can apply to store hay for the little bunny. First of all, you have to make up your mind if you like to save your money by storing hay for rabbits. Storing hay for the rabbit sometimes might seem a little bit boring and hassling.

Storing hay not only brings an opportunity to save money, you can also contribute in the green environment by recycling the waste. So, instead of throwing them out, learn some ideas about storing hay in indoor and outdoor.

Hay Storage Ideas For Rabbits: Why It Pays Off

Hay Storage Ideas for Rabbits: Top Tips

If you follow improper storage or mess with the hay, you may dishearten your little friend. It can result in unappealing hay and bunny can lose appetite in the long run. Furthermore, leaving them under the wrong condition can even make them sick. So, learning about storing ideas can pay off in several sense.

  • Be it indoor or outdoor hay storage process, you need to keep them in open space. Because they require air to stay fresh. And the bunny never likes to eat damp hay.
  • Some may suggest you to keep in airtight plastic bags. Practically, it is not good.
  • You can keep them outside, no worry if it rains. However, you have to make sure sufficient sunlight and enough flow of wind. Because, they need to keep dry.
  • You have option to purchase hay in several manner. However, purchase hay by the bale. In addition, do not open the bale unless you’re not going to feed the rabbit soon.
  • The outer side of the bale helps to keep the hay in dry and fresh condition.
  • Don’t put the hay directly on the floor. Though you keep on the open space where sufficient sunlight and wind is available, direct contact with the concrete and ground can moist the hay.
  • To avoid direct contact with the ground or concrete, use wood. Wood works great to protect hay from getting moist.

Hay Storage Ideas For Rabbits: In Winter

When it’s winter, you have to change the method of storing hay for your little friend, rabbit. The fact is that, the winter itself is moisture by producing dew and snow. Thus, it can pose substantial amount of threat for the hay.

So, you have to take initiative to keep dry and fresh. To deal with the winter

  • Keep the hay away of the dew and snow.
  • Keep the hay under a roof.
  • Dry hay first and then store.

Favorite Hay for the Rabbit

The rabbits are choosy when it comes to taking hay. There are over 17,000 taste buds making them unimaginably meticulous. You can offer any type of hay but they are not so obedient to listen to you and eat all type of hay. The old rabbits like to eat grass and alfalfa when they are young. These two types of hay are deemed to be the horse-quality hay out there.

Alfalfa is packed with high calcium and protein. That’s why, you should feed alfalfa to the younger ones so that they grow quicker and perfectly. Though, all sort of grass hay contain protein and calcium. They are suitable for maintaining sound health of the old rabbits.

Feed alfalfa to your little friends when they are young and choose grass hay for the adult bunny to ensure proper growth and health.

Hay As Bed

Providing comfortable housing to your friend is essential as long as you care about their happy and sound upbringing. When it comes to housing your little friend, an ink-free newspaper offers the best option. Because rabbits tend to chew something continuously. So, offering them something that at least has no harmful substance would be a kind gesture.

On top of that, if you can provide with something that offers nutrition will add more benefit to the wellbeing of your little bunny. Along with petroleum ink-free newspaper, hay can be another choice to put under the bunny. While the overheating paper can involve health issue, hay can offer risk-free shelter.

Hay sometimes can be cause of discomfort to your little friend. However, shredded newspaper should be first choice if you prioritize shelter. Let the little bunny house on the newspaper and eat healthy food.

The Best Option for Feeding

When it comes to food for the rabbit, you should be more cautious than usual. Rabbit is a delicate breed of pet animal.

Feeding hay to your bunny instead of commercially produced food is much better. Some people tend to feed pellet to the bunny for faster growth. Hay is natural food that comes with no harmful effect and provides essential high protein and calcium.

Though the commercially produced foods are packed with nutrition and protein, they are boosted in an unnatural way. They may pose a substantial health risks. It’s even more perilous when it comes to little and young bunny of 6 to 8 months of age. They are way vulnerable and fragile than the adult ones.

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Summing Up

If you keep faith in feeding hay to the rabbits instead of artificial foods and supplements, you need to learn how you can keep them fresh. On top of that, it is the perfect and practical treatment for your little friend. Learning about the hay storage ideas for rabbits can help you master the process.

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