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When a rabbit is young, it requires little space to live, but a mature bunny is completely different. It requires plenty of space to survive. Otherwise, within a short while, it will face various physical difficulties.

So, how to make a rabbit cage out of storage cubes, or what can be an ideal size for a couple of grown rabbits? The average size of a cage must be 7 to 8 square feet. Moreover, you should also determine whether the length or width must be 2 feet.

Let’s dive deep and build the right space for a rabbit on your own.

Rabbit Cage

Build Your Own DIY Cage By How To Make A Rabbit Cage Out of Storage Cubes

As we mentioned before, the total area must be at least 7 square feet of the cage. But, this space is a cage, not a room to live a happy life.

Read the rest of the article to build a space where a couple of rabbits can survive and allow reproduction systems without any hassle.

Steps To Build A Perfect Cage For Your Rabbit

There are a number of steps you must follow while building a roomy space for your rabbits. Read the rest of the instructions below and follow them accordingly.

Determine The Number Of Rabbits

The first action you need to perform is to count the number of rabbits. If you have two rabbits, you must need a cage with a measurement of 7 to 8 square feet.

Usually, one male rabbit requires 3 female rabbits. Therefore, the space you will need to provide the rest is not less than 14 square feet. This measurement is to build a home for the rabbits to rest themselves, not for a fluent life. If you desire to pet them, you can keep the gate open of the cage, so that they can walk, play and lead healthy lives.

But if you are determined to farm rabbits, you must choose the backyard of your house. And 100 square feet of ground with proper shade is sufficient for 15 rabbits to gaze.

Prepare The Ground

Rabbits are carnivorous and they fully rely on grass, vegetables, and other healthy leafy items. So, you must prepare the land where you desire to farm your rabbit.

Firstly, the land must have soil. The second thing is to plant grass on the whole land.

This grassy land will supply an adequate amount of food when they starve.

Fencing The Ground

Now it’s time to fence the area where the rabbits will gaze. An average rabbit can jump at the height of 4 feet without any problem. So, the fence should be at least 4.5 feet high, so that no rabbit can escape the territory.

Moreover, the total fence should be like a net system. It will help the baby rabbit to stay in the specific area. You can choose either a whole steel fence or a wooden one. Both of them work great


No matter how much area you take to farm rabbits, you must build an area where rabbits can find shade. Shade will help the rabbit to turn worry free and reproduce children. Moreover, it is compulsory to build shade or a home, so that rabbits can take shelter while it is raining and scorching.

An average size of a shade is 2 feet high and 4 square feet of an area for a single rabbit. So, if you keep 10 rabbits, the 40 square feet area must be covered properly.

Necessity Of Rabbit Cage For Farming

Rabbit Cage For Farming

In a rabbit farm, the cage plays a vital role. There are several reasons to build a cage for rabbits. Firstly, it will help the rabbits to stay safe from various predictors. The rabbits can’t escape the specific area.

Since rabbits have a common nature and are territorial, proper caging can help the new rabbit protect itself from other older rabbits. In addition, the rabbits become habituated to seeing new rabbits daily. A properly built cage helps rabbits to produce more meat and lead a healthy life.


How do you make a simple rabbit cage?

Answer: You can use the net for fencing an area and a plastic home to keep the rabbits. It will be enough to keep the rabbits in sound and peace. The measurements must be followed.

What can I use instead of a rabbit cage?

Answer: If you are keeping a rabbit in your home, you do not require any cage. All you will need is a basket with a soft cushion. For gazing, rabbits will use the whole home.

What cage is best for a rabbit?

Answer: The best cage for rabbits is a proper-sized cage. The cage must have a 7 square feet area so that a rabbit can walk properly and 4 square feet home to rest. The home must be attached to the walking area. And the height of the wall must be at least 4 feet high.


That was all you needed to know about how to make a rabbit cage out of storage cubes. And lastly, you can purchase the elements you will need to build a cage or use the spare and old materials to build the home for rabbits.

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