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Mini Rex Rabbits are cute and all, but what if you have allergies? Not being able to pet a rabbit even if you want is the worst thing ever, right? Well, if you love rabbits, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Yes, we are talking about the Mini Rex; they can be your companion! So, are mini Rex rabbits hypoallergenic and won’t cause any allergy?

Check out our detailed review on if they are safe for you or not!

Is Mini Rex Rabbit Safe against Allergy?

To know if the mini Rex rabbits are safe for the allergenic person, first, we must know if they are hypoallergenic. A lot of people think that these are not hypoallergenic but the truth is mini Rex rabbits are hypoallergenic.

At times, a person who is allergic to pets almost has the same issues for cats, dogs, rabbits, and any animal. The problem is not related to the pet instead, the problem is connected to their fur and skin. In this case, these people, regardless of having an interest in pets, cannot settle for a pet. But there’s good news for you. If you are allergic to rabbits but you still want to pet one, you can go for the mini Rex rabbits.

Yes, they are safe against allergies and you won’t need to worry about petting them! Even while having an allergy, you can enjoy the company of a pet!

Why is Mini Rex Rabbit Hypoallergenic?

Now that you know that mini Rex Rabbits are hypoallergenic, the first question that might come to your mind is why they are like this.

All rabbits are from the same family- then why is mini Rex safer than the others? Is it a myth or the truth? Well, as we said, they are indeed hypoallergenic. But we will also tell you the reason briefly.

  • Firstly, you need to research the coat of this breed. The breed of rabbit has a shorter coat than the other subspecies of rabbits. As the coat is shorter, there is less chance of dirt getting inside the coat.
  • Besides the coat being short, another positive fact about the coat is it is quite soft and velvety instead of being furry. For all these facts, the mini Rex Rabbit stays hypoallergenic for you!
  • On the other hand, this breed of rabbit produces less dander. Compared to the cats and other subspecies of rabbits, the amount of dander here is less. You might not know about dander if you haven’t had a pet before.

Well, dander is the dead skin cells of an animal. These are microscopic and very lightweight. As a result, these cannot be seen with our eyes. However, the dead skin cell is regularly sloughed off. In the place of the dander or dead skin cell, new skin cell generates. Cats and rabbits produce dander a lot more than the mini Rex.

When the small allergy-causing reason is less, you naturally get that you will not catch an allergy, right? Also, take a look at “does Rex Rabbit fur shed” to learn about it more!  

  • Apart from the reasons mentioned, you must also think about the size of this animal. Mini Rex Rabbit is small, that’s what the name implies.
  • A bag can only carry stuff according to its size, the same goes for this rabbit. They are petite and so, they can’t carry a lot of dirt and dust. It makes it safe for you if you have an allergy.

Are Mini Rex Rabbits Completely Safe?

Are Mini Rex Rabbits Completely Safe?

Yes, we agree that mini Rex rabbits have enough reasons to be hypoallergenic, but when you come to the technical details, we cannot tell you that it’s completely safe for you. The allergy issue depends on a lot of factors. More than the rabbit or any other pet it depends on you. The extent of your allergy issue will affect this matter too.

If you start sneezing in the tiniest amount of dirt and dust, then you might reconsider getting a mini Rex or any other furry pet. For most people, this rabbit is hypoallergenic. When you have asthma or other respiratory problems, it’s better if you talk to a doctor before you get this rabbit.

Other than that, you can’t always guarantee that the rabbit won’t cause you any allergies. Sometimes, there’s a chance of catching allergies in an animal’s saliva too.

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Wrap Up

Though we cannot tell you that mini Rex Rabbits are completely safe and won’t cause any allergies. So, it’s better to communicate with a doctor before you get one of them!

But if you are not super allergic to furry babies, you can get a Mini Rex rabbit because you can’t deny that they are cute and are more hypoallergenic than any other rabbits so far!

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