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Do Rex Rabbits Moult?

Rex Rabbits are considered to be the safest option for people who have an allergy. It’s because they don’t shed fur, right? But is it true? Some owners will surely tell you that Rex Rabbits never go through their seasonal molting but there’s a lack of information.

So, does a Rex Rabbit fur shed? Why not? After all, they are rabbits! We have discussed the précised details on the Rex Rabbits’ fur shedding along with the reasons- take a look!

Does a Rex Rabbit Fur Shed?

Well, you might have adopted a Rex rabbit because they are hypoallergenic. We won’t disappoint you, yes; they are to some extent hypoallergenic. Check out more about it in ‘Are mini Rex Rabbit hypoallergenic.’

Coming back to the point, though they are hypoallergenic to some extent; it doesn’t mean they do not shed. It’s sad news but true that all rabbits shed.

In easier words, even if you think that Rex Rabbit doesn’t fur shed, let’s tell you, they do! Then how can they be hypoallergenic? You have to keep in mind that some breeds of rabbits compared to the other ones shed less fur.

Rex Rabbit Fur Shedding Extent

Rex Rabbit Fur Shedding Extent

By now, you already know that Rex Rabbits, like any other breed of rabbits, fur their shed. But you don’t need to worry much about it because they shed a lot less fur than the other rabbits breed. Along with the Angora breed, Rex Rabbit also shed less which makes them safer for people with allergies.

Who doesn’t love a furry baby, right? But when it comes to shedding, you might get a little sad about it. However, when you deal with the Rex rabbit, a lot of owners will tell you that they don’t shed at all.

It’s because the extent of their shedding is almost zero compared to the other breeds. The “rex” part of this breed is connected to their fur. It refers to the short hair breeds which lack longer guard hairs. The ‘rexed’ fur means that the animal had velvety fur. The velvety fur is shorter and less prone to shedding which makes the Rex rabbits’ fur less on occasion only.

Why does Rex Rabbit Shed?

In the case of rabbits, regardless of whether it is a Rex breed or not, their shedding depends on the bunny, their nutrition, the fluctuation of the weather, and the stress they go through.

Apart from this, there can be other reasons and diseases for shedding fur. As we said, the mini Rex Rabbits or any Rex rabbits barely shed, here, we will discuss why they shed at all!

Weather Fluctuation

The very first reason for a Rex rabbit or any rabbit shedding is the weather. These breeds usually shed to adjust to the climate.

When the weather is colder, they grow their sheds longer to keep themselves warm. On the other hand, when the temperature is too hot, they shed their coats to keep the body temperature cooler.

Nutritional Deficiency

When your rabbit gets all the nutrition it needs, its fur will be stronger and won’t fall much. However, a lack of specific nutrition can lead them to shed a lot of hair. Add more fiber to their food to make them shed less.


If the rabbit is stressed or going through anxiety, it will shed more fur than normal. Besides their seasonal fur shedding, stress can make them shed their fur too. When they are in stress, they keep over-grooming themselves which causes more hair loss.


Another reason for Rex Rabbit females losing hair is pregnancy. It is quite common in such breeds to lose their hair due to pregnancy. They pluck their hair to make a lining for a nest.


Several diseases can be the reason for a Rex rabbit to shed. Apart from the seasonal shedding, it can be fleas or ringworm too. Also, mites and infection can be the reason behind it. Other skin conditions can lead a Rex Rabbit to shed fur more often.

How often do Rex Rabbits Shed Fur?

As we said, shedding fur occurs seasonally. Most rabbits will shed their hair two to four times a year. For the Rex rabbits, they will molt only twice a year. They lose hair once in the spring and once in the autumn to adjust to the weather changes.

Wrap Up

Keeping away the fact that Rex Rabbits also shed fur, they are still safer than the other breeds of rabbits. It’s because they shed a lot less and are hypoallergenic.

Also, less hair loss refers to less messy surroundings. If you are searching for a rabbit breed for your child or an allergic person, a Rex rabbit can be the best deal! Let us know after you have adopted one!

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