Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Little bunnies are cute when they are smaller, holding them with your hands and adoring them is fun. But nothing is more fun than seeing them grow.

Rex Rabbits are already small but their growth is faster than the other breed. So, how big do Rex Rabbits grow depending on their size, length, weight, and age? Today, we will sort out everything regarding your favorite pet!

How big do Rex Rabbits Get

Rex Rabbits, compared to other rabbit breeds, are medium-sized. The length and size of the rabbits depend on so many factors. The same goes for their weight. But the first thing to consider here is the type of Rex Rabbits.

There are two different types of rabbits and both of them grow differently considering the size, weight, and length. Here, we will first discuss the size of the Rex rabbits depending on these two types.

The Standard Rex Rabbit

The standard Rex rabbits are larger compared to the mini Rex. Their weight on average is 7.5 pounds to 11 pounds.

When they are adults, they will be close to this range, however; there can also be rabbits of this breed that are smaller or larger than this range. But that situation is rare. Depending on their gender, the standard Rex Rabbit size might differ.

Unlike other breeds of rabbits, for standard Rex, the female is mostly larger than the males. As a result, their weight is also slightly higher than the opposite gender.

When it comes to breeding, it’s important to keep in mind that if the father and mother are both Rex Rabbits and are larger, the kits will grow larger too. The length of an adult standard Rex rabbit will be close to 12 inches and in some cases, it can be less too.

The Mini Rex Rabbit Size

As we have mentioned above, the mini Rex Rabbits are smaller than the standard Rex. After all, they are called MINI for a reason, right?

When they are adults, their weight will reach 3 pounds to 5 pounds in some cases which is a lot less than the standard Rex. However, once again, this depends on the parents, and in rare cases, they can be larger or smaller than the range we have noted here.

The length of the mini rex rabbits will be 10” or less. Just like the standard Rex, the mini Rex female rabbits tend to be larger than their male variants. The same goes for their weight and length.

Growth Cycle

These two varieties have their differences and so, they are not advised to be bred together. If it is done, the differences between these two breeds will be blurred.

Though size, length, and weight highly depend on genetics, other factors play important roles in how big a rabbit grows. The growth cycle of a Rex rabbit no matter if it is a standard Rex or a mini one, depends on their nursing too.

Their food is a factor- from how much you feed them to what you feed them, everything matters. Also, their cage or nest matters here. If their cage is too small or if they don’t get to go out and play and have fun, they won’t be too big no matter their genetics.

So, while petting them, you must be careful about how to keep them. Another fact to remember is, no matter how much you take care of these rabbits, at a certain age, like a human, they will stop growing. Check out ‘when do Rex Rabbits stop growing to know more about their adult stage.

The Lifespan of a Rex Rabbit

We discussed the length, size, and weight of the Rex breed but what about their age? How big do they get and how long do they live? Here, we have divided their lifespan depending on the two varieties. Let’s check out how long both of these breeds live.

The lifespan of a Standard Rex Rabbit

The standard Rex rabbits live more or less five years and in some cases, they live a little more than six years. However, this depends on how much care you take while you nurse them.

The lifespan of a Mini Rex Rabbit

Though the standard Rex lives nearly 5 to 6 years the size doesn’t matter in terms of the lifespan here. Yes, mini Rex rabbits might be smaller than the standard Rex but they live longer. If you get a mini Rex, feed and nurse them properly, they can live 7 years to 9 years and in some cases, more than that.  

Wrap Up

While these rabbits grow faster than the other breeds, it’s just 6-9 years they will live with you. Yes, we know it breaks your heart but considering their size, they live a lot more than humans!

Their lifespan is equal to almost five to six human lifecycles. So, as long as you pet them, make sure they are healthy and young.

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