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While there are several options for meat from pork to beef, chicken to birds, you might be a rabbit lover like a lot of other people.

That’s not rare because we agree that once you taste rabbit meat, you will keep craving it. But what about the Rex rabbit meat? Are they only good as pets or are Rex Rabbits good for meat too?

Today, we will talk about why Rex Rabbit meat is good for health along with the cost of the meat if you are planning to breed it- read thoroughly!

Rex Rabbits Meat

Compared to many other rabbit meat, Rex Rabbits are quite famous for their meat too. So, you can easily understand that they are loved by the people that prefer rabbit meat. While Rex Rabbit fur is amazing too, this breed is mostly bred for meat.

In the USA, it is easy to purchase it. The average weight of the Rex rabbits is 7 pounds to 11 pounds and they can bring out 6 kits to 12 kits in every litter. New Zealand rabbits are the most popular breed among rabbits for meat and the next in line is the Rex.

Benefits of Rex Rabbit Meat

The reason Rex Rabbit meat is so expensive is the benefits you get from this breed.  Here is a list of benefits that will tell you why Rex Rabbits are good for meat!

High Protein 

This breed has more digestible proteins than other types of meat like chicken or beef. The higher percentage will afford you more energy, strength, and stronger bones. As a result, this is a comparatively better option to settle for.

Low Fat

While other kinds of meat are too high in fat, Rex Rabbit meat is the lowest here. If you eat three ounces of rabbit meat, it will only provide you with 3 grams of fat. The fat includes monounsaturated fat, saturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat. As a result, it has low cholesterol with healthy fats.

Low Calorie

Just like low fat, it has low calories too. Rex Rabbit meat is delicious, no doubt. While consuming other types of meat, we need to think a lot about the calories.

But the thing is different for rabbit meat. You can have a little extra without any worry about the calories you are intaking. For every 3 ounces, it will provide you 147 calories.

Minerals and Vitamins

Apart from having fewer calories and fat, Rex Rabbit meat includes vitamins B3, B12, and E. With the vitamins, there are calcium, phosphorus, selenium, etc. minerals to keep you healthy.

Low Sodium

For the high blood pressure issue, a lot of people skip eating meat. But if you are still planning to have some, Rex Rabbit meat can be a mouth-watering substitute for other varieties.

Yes, this has low sodium compared to the other meats. In every 3 ounces of this breed, you will get only 38.3 mg of sodium which is a lot less than pork, beef, chicken, etc. 

Amount of Meat on a Rex Rabbit

Amount of Meat on a Rex Rabbit

As we have said, these rabbits can get 7 pounds to 11 pounds in weight producing a good amount of meat already. At the age of 6 months, the Rex rabbit gets around 4 pounds to 5 pounds.

For a 4 to a 5-pound rabbit, the output of meat will be 192 lbs. or more in a year. For these rabbits, the age of 4 months to 6 months is the perfect butcher age for this line.

Another factor important here is their growing consistency and the final stage. Check out when do Rex Rabbits stop growing to know the right time to butcher them.

However, the meat and the weight differ depending on the age and variety of the Rex rabbits. There are two different varieties of this breed- one is the standard Rex rabbit and the other one is the mini Rex Rabbit. The standard one, as we have mentioned above can get 7-11 pounds whereas the mini one is a dwarf Rex. These only weigh about 3 pounds to 5 pounds. In this case, you will get less meat for the Mini Rex rabbits compared to the standard Rex rabbits.

Cost of Rex Rabbit Meat

The rabbit meat usually costs about $6 to $6.59 per pound on the low end. However, the price can get higher than $18 in cases.

Compared to chicken or any other type of meat, rabbit meat costs a lot more. The reason behind this is their strict diet and careful treatment throughout the breeding and growing process.

Wrap Up

Yes, we still agree that New Zealand rabbit meat is more delicious than the Rex and takes a lot less time to prepare but if you love rabbit meat, this breed is a must-try.

Get your hands on a perfect Rex Rabbit meat recipe or get to a restaurant that serves the best Rex Rabbit dish. We vouch for this breed- you won’t be disappointed!

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