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Just like humans, rabbits also stop growing at a certain age. No matter what you feed them or how you take care of their little bunnies, they will not grow anymore. But that’s why we love them right?

After all, they are called little bunnies for a reason! You might be worried if your Rex bunny stops growing suddenly. To clear up your confusion, today, we are here to talk about it. When do Rex Rabbits stop growing depending on their age and size- let’s learn the précised details here!

The Age of a Full-Grown Rex Rabbit

The Age of a Full-Grown Rex Rabbit

If you are fond of Rex Rabbits, you already know that there are two different varieties of these rabbits. The standard Rex rabbits are larger while the mini Rex rabbits are smaller.

However, apart from their size, there are not many visible differences between these two types. They look the same and have the same temperament. But keeping that aside, now, we will discuss when these two types stop growing.

Standard Rex Rabbits

A Rex rabbit is smaller than the other rabbit subspecies and they are considered fully grown when they reach the age of 8 months to 9 months.

This is the average age of a standard Rex rabbit and after this age, they don’t grow or in short, they stop growing in this age. Compared to the other breeds, a standard Rex rabbit grows quicker.

Mini Rex Rabbits

While the standard Rex rabbits require 8 months to 9 months to grow fully, the age of a mini Rex rabbit for the fully grown state is within 6 months to 7 months.

After their birth, they only need 6 months or close to reach this state and after this, they stop growing. In this case, you can say that the mini Rex rabbits are quicker in terms of growth than the standard Rex rabbits.

Size, Weight, and Length of a Fully Grown Rex Rabbit

Apart from their age, you can tell that a Rex rabbit is fully grown by their size, weight, and length too. Here, we have divided the section into two varieties, take a look.

Standard Rex Rabbits

When a standard Rex rabbit is about 7.5 pounds to 10.5 pounds, it will stop growing. Some of them stop their growth within 7 months and for some rabbits, it gets 10.5 months to fully grow.

Mini Rex Rabbits

For the mini breed, the weight will reach 3 pounds to 4.5 pounds when they are fully grown. After this specific weight, they won’t get larger or bigger anymore. You can check out how big do Rex Rabbits grow’ to learn more details about their size, weight, length, and age!

Sexual Maturity vs. Growth

Some people confuse growth with the sexual maturity of a rabbit. Well, the growth stops a lot later than the rabbits meet their sexual maturity.

In easier terms, rabbits, especially, Rex Rabbits get their sexual maturity a lot faster than the age when their body stops growing any longer. So, their sexual maturity and the point where their physical growth ends are different.

A rabbit is physically capable of mating when they reach their 4 months. Their body can still grow after they reach sexual maturity.

The same goes for the Rex rabbits, they can mate right after they reach their fourth month. However, according to researchers, it’s better not to allow the medium breeds of rabbits like the Rex (along with the smaller breeds like the Mini Rex) to mate until they reach 6 months.

So, keeping this in mind, we can say that the Rex rabbits reach their sexual maturity when they are 4 months to 6 months old.

However, even after reaching sexual maturity, their body will keep growing until the specific age for their body growth we have mentioned above.

Influences on Rex Rabbit’s Growth

Influences on Rex Rabbit’s Growth

Several factors can influence the Rex rabbit’s growth. If you suddenly see that the rabbit isn’t growing even though he is not an adult, there might be other reasons behind it. Firstly, food plays a very important role in the growth of your rabbit.

If are not feeding him proper nutrition, he will stop growing before his age. Also, the stress level matters here.  If the baby is going through continuous stress, his body will automatically stop growing as much as it usually does. It’s better to contact a vet to find out the issues behind it and solve them as soon as you can.

Wrap Up

Now you know when your little bunny will stop growing. If you want your Rex rabbit to grow better, keeping aside the genetics, you can always feed him better food with more nutritional values and keep them in the right cage. These will ensure that your bunny gets as large as it can!

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