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Rabbits normally have a diet consisting of grass, weeds, wildflowers but sometimes they decide to get a taste of electrical wires to spice up their taste buds (pun intended).

Rabbits have a biological habit of chewing. The reason why they chew on anything is to stop their teeth from growing over the years. Chewing on to something keeps the teeth in place and stops from growing. So, it’s quite impossible to stop them from chewing.

Wild rabbits chewing plugged wires can cause their mouth and lip to burn and even die. Sometimes rabbits chewing plugged wires can lead to fire which can, if not taken care of immediately, cause serious property damage. Many solutions can be found to stop the wild rabbits from entering the house and causing problems such as destroying things or chewing into things. To prevent the chewing, it is necessary to stop the wild rabbits from entering the house. Some solutions focus on how to stop the rabbits from entering the house. The solutions are mentioned below-

How to Stop Wild Rabbits from Chewing Wires

How to Stop Wild Rabbits from Chewing Wires

Hiding the Wires

As it’s not possible to stop them from chewing, we as humans have to take the necessary steps so that wild rabbits can’t reach the electrical wires. All the electrical wires should be hidden from the rabbits. Using cord cover can help in this situation.

Tape Down the Wires

The wires should be at a place where the rabbits can not reach. The electrical wires can be out of reach of the rabbits by attaching the wires with tape to the wall can be another solution.

Using Scents

Another way of stopping the wild rabbits from chewing the wires is adding scents to the wires that the rabbits hate. Rabbits normally hate the smell of garlic, vinegar, and red pepper. Spraying these scents in the house or around the wires can help the rabbits from getting near the wires and also from chewing the wires.

Securing the garden

Wild rabbits normally find their way to a house by the garden. So to stop the rabbits from entering the house, we have to take care of the garden around the house. Securing the garden with thorny plants like blackthorn, berberis and holly can be used to keep the wild rabbits or other wild animals away from the garden.

Using homemade wild rabbit repellent

Making homemade repellent and using them around the house can stop the wild rabbits from entering the house. Mixing tabasco sauce, dishwashing soap and water with cayenne peppers can be used as a homemade repellent. Also the mixture of egg and garlic can be used as a repellent too. Using these repellents around the house or in the garden or the ways wild rabbits can enter into the house can stop them from entering.

Using wild rabbit repellents for the lawn

Homemade repellents or store bought repellents can also be used on the lawn as well. By doing this, wild rabbits will not be able to get near the house.

Using a motion sensor

Using a motion sensor in the house can keep the wild rabbits away. A motion sensor will detect the movement if any wild rabbit tends to enter the house and it will do whatever the sensor is supposed to do. For example: when the motion sensor detects an animal making its way into the house, the sensor will make a warning sound or shoot water at the animal. Which is quite effective to keep the wild animals away from the house.

Using a fence

Most houses have fences. But all fences will not be able to stop the wild rabbits from entering the house. There are some special measurements for the fences which are rabbit protected. Using a fence which is two feet high can help wild rabbits from jumping into the garden. Also the fence needs to be six inches below the ground to prevent the rabbits from making holes from under the fence.

Using a dog

Having a dog can help to keep the wild rabbit away from the house. Dogs are considered to be predators by nature. So keeping a dog to protect the house from wild animals is a good way.

Putting a net around the garden

To stop the wild rabbits from entering the house, netting around the garden can be a solution too.

Using rabbit traps

Rabbit traps can be used to catch the rabbits and stop them from entering the house. To catch the rabbits in the trap, they have to be lured into the trap. Putting some food which is attractive to rabbitson the trap can lure them into getting into the trap.

Put up flashing lights around the garden

Using flashing lights around the garden can stop the rabbit from getting into the house.

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How Can I Stop My Rabbit Chewing Wires?

Final words

These solutions mainly focus on keeping the rabbits out of the house so that they can not get their ways into destroying things and create chaos. Using one solution may not show the proper result. It is recommended to use two or more of the solutions mentioned above to get the perfect result. Also, this article does not concentrate on harming any animals. Just taking the necessary steps to keep the house safe from any kind of damage or destruction.

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