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Holland Lop Rabbits, as we all know, are the mini version of rabbits. When we often confuse them with the Mini Lops, you must know they are different. And if you plan to pet them, you should check out how big Holland Lop rabbits get!

Some it becomes close to 10 inches to 12 inches. Also, if you are a pet enthusiast, the size, length, and weight of these pets will amaze you. You’ll end up asking – are they really rabbits?

Shape, Length, and Weight of a Holland Lop

Here’s a guide to the shape, length, and weight of this mini rabbit version of Holland Lop. We have discussed the size of both the newborn and adult bunnies, check it out!

Shape, Length, and Weight of a Holland Lop

The Shape of Holland Lops

Among all the rabbit breeds, the Holland lop is considered to be one of the smallest ones. This is because of their body. They are not like regular rabbits, instead, they are dwarfs. This is because they are not natural rabbits or they have not evolved naturally.

Instead, these rabbits were created by a breeder. In 1950, this rabbit was first bred in the Netherlands. They are the combination of the French Lop and the Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. Holland Lops are the perfect compact bunnies.

When they are born, they are petite and their facial structures are not distinctive. In this stage, they are small and blind with no fur on their body. Born naked, these kittens grow up quite fast. But, when they grow up, the shape of their body gets wide.

Though they stay quite small and their legs are short even when they grow up, the legs are quite muscular and thick. The face shape of this rabbit after a few weeks gets flat and properly round.

On the other hand, their head gets broad. After a few weeks, you will see them having a dense and short coat. It makes their size a little larger.

Length of Holland Lops

The length of the Holland Lops is a factor considering their petite size. As they are dwarfs, their height will be close to 2-3 inches. When it comes to their body ratio, according to sources, it is 2:1. When their body is fully stretched, it will be close to 10 inches to 12 inches. Their bodies are as wide as they are tall.

Weight of the Holland Lops

As we have mentioned above, the weight of these Lop Rabbits is compact, they don’t get too large even when they grow up. When a Holland Lop rabbit is born, its weight will be less than 1 pound. However, an adult rabbit will turn into 4 pounds or close.

At times, the weight of an adult Holland Lop can be 2 pounds or close. You don’t need to worry much about it, that’s how their breed goes! There’s a fact to mention that the first newborn Holland Lops back in 1950 in the Netherlands were larger than the kittens of these days.

Weight of the Holland Lops

The first result of breeding two different breeds resulted in Holland Lops weighing less than 6.6 pounds. However, it depends on the parents of the Holland Lops how much they will weigh.

When they were first introduced in the UK, the average weight of these rabbits was only 3.3 pounds. Now, the ideal weight of an adult Holland Lop will be 2-4 pounds at best.

Holland Lop vs. Mini Lop Size

Well, mini lops sound smaller, isn’t it?

It is funny to break it down but mini lops are not that mini compared to the Holland Lops. Both of these rabbits have almost similar names and it sounds like Holland Lop rabbits are larger than Mini Lop rabbits.

But the truth is Holland Lop is smaller than the other one.  Take a look at how big Mini Holland Lop bunnies get here!

The size of the Holland Lops is shorter and they have a more compact body. Though named Mini, these are almost twice the size of the other one.

Their height is about 4-5 inches making them shorter than the Holland Lops, but their weight is almost double. Their average weight is 3-6 pounds and can be 6.5 pounds at times while Holland Lops can weigh 2-4 lbs. at best.

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Wrap Up

We have summarized all the details that you might find interesting about the size of the Holland Lops. Thinking about the compact size and weight of these rabbits, you might find them cute to pet. But while petting, don’t forget that they are delicate and require a lot of attention and care.

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