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Little Holland lop rabbits in the cage cannot go out for food and so, you must ensure that you are the one to take care of it all!

To ensure that your bunny gets the adequate amount of nutrients, picking up the right food with needed food value is a must. And so, today, we will tell you what to feed Holland lop bunnies to keep their youth last longer!

What do Holland Lop Bunnies Eat?

Well, Holland lop bunnies are domesticated born, and raised but here’s the thing- you can almost feed anything and everything to them that you feed the other rabbits. Similar care is required for this breed too.

But you must keep in mind that you need to settle for smaller stuff as they are smaller in size and have a smaller mouth.

Also, keeping in mind that they are thinner than the other breeds, never settle for too much food. We have listed a proper diet plan for your Holland Lop Bunnies; hope it helps you out as a beginner!

What do Holland Lop Bunnies Eat?


The first thing that’s important in the diet of a Holland lop bunny is water. Just like a human, a lop bunny can’t survive without enough water. As they will stay inside your home or in the yard, it is natural that you will place your bunny in a cage.

While planning the cage, certify that you are using a water dish inside it. Go for a ceramic dish or a sipper bottle.

Even if you let your rabbit play 1-2 hours a day out of their cage, ensure that there are enough water pots placed in different places of your house.


The second most important food that Holland lop bunnies along with any other rabbit breed requires is hay. Hay includes fiber and moisture. And when you feed your rabbit hay, they will get fiber and moisture together.

Maintaining a healthy gut is a prerequisite. Without an adequate amount of moisture and fiber, chances are, your bun will die. Settle for quality grass hay.

We always prefer Timothy, brome, orchard, etc. as the best hay for your rabbit. However, while feeding it, there should not be wet or spoiled hay. Fresh hay will keep the kid healthy.


When you want to keep your rabbit healthy, you can try feeding them with pellets. These are usually commercially produced ones. You can buy them from the rabbit shops.  The best part of the commercial pellets available on the market is they will provide all the nutrition your bun needs.

Yes, you can always settle for seed and grain mixes. But when it’s about ensuring that your bunny gets all the food benefits, pellets are the best option. When you feed the bunny mixture of seed and grain, they only prefer to eat the ones they like leaving the other ones.

As a result, they don’t get the utmost food benefit no matter how much you feed them. If you have an adult lop bunny, settle for 1/8 to ¼ cup of pellets every day.

Never leave the pellets for the next day; feeding them fresh food is necessary. All you need is to pick them up and feed them slowly. Check out how to hold a Holland Lop Bunny if you are a beginner!


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about feeding Holland lop rabbits or any other rabbit is greens. Well, green leafy veggies are the favorites of every bun. Just like hay, this adds moisture and fiber to the body.

If you want the best, settle for any lettuce. They love red and green leaf lettuce along with romaine lettuce. However, we don’t recommend iceberg. You can also feed them carrot slices, celery chunks, snow peas, bell pepper silvers, etc.

While feeding the pumpkin or zucchini, go for small pieces. And don’t try to feed them broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. grassy veggies. Among the leafy greens, you can feed them spring mix, endive, basil, mint, dandelion and plantain herb, arugula, dill, etc.


Yes, just like greens, they love fruits at times too! If you plan to feed fruits daily, make sure you do not go for 1 tsp. for a 4lb. rabbit. Among the fruits, they love apple, banana, peach, mango, and papaya.

Whatever you feed, exclude the seed and pit. They can go for blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries too. The fruits should work as treats in a day for the bunny.

These should not be included as the main dish. You can settle for starchy veggies as treats too. You can also feed them cherry and plum.

Wrap Up

If you have an adult Holland lop rabbit, you can feed everything we have mentioned above. However, fruits and treats like carrots, are not for babies below 5-6 months of age.

For young bunnies, we only recommend hay and rabbit pellets. And not to forget, clean water is a necessity for all rabbits regardless of breed and age!

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