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Rabbits are already petite and in the case of Holland lop bunnies; they are only 3-4 pounds. But how to hold a Holland lop bunny if they are this small?

If you try to hold them without any proper guidelines, chances are, you will hurt them. Also, there’s a chance of losing it if you force it! No worries, we will tell you the tricks!

Right Way to Hold a Holland Lop Bunny

As we have mentioned above, these mini lops are quite petite. There’s a chance that they won’t come to you easy. Here’s the step on how to hold a Holland lop bunny or how to pick it up!

Right Way to Hold a Holland Lop Bunny

Step 1: Give it a Comfort Zone

The first thing we would mention doing is what not to do! Well, that’s complicated, let’s make it easy- never just jump right on the Holland lop bunny and try to pick it up. As these rabbits are small, and especially if they are not used to picking up, they will get scared.

You don’t want to scare away these little bunnies if you want to keep them. You must make sure that they are getting used to your touch. And when they get used to you, you might want to keep them, right? Check out how to take care of a Holland lop bunny here!

Anyway, getting back to how to pick it up, once you keep stroking the rabbit, again and again, adore it, they will get used to your smell and your touch. They will feel comfortable. For this case, they must get comfortable before you hold them.

This goes for almost all the rabbits including the Holland lop one, the first thing you do is to make them comfortable.

Place the Hands

Step 2: Place the Hands

Now that the rabbit is used to your smell and touch, it will get easier for you to pick up and hold it. While holding, make sure you keep the rabbit in front of you.

No matter if it is in the cage or on the floor, the head of the Holland lop bunny should be pointing toward you when you try to hold it. Once you ensure this, have faith in your dominant hand. Slowly, get this hand to the rabbit’s scruff.

You are telling you to use this hand first because if the rabbit gets protective and bites you, this hand will be swifter for you to move.

When the dominant hand is on the scuff of the rabbit, use your other hand and position it on the rear of the rabbit. The correct place for your other hand to place is right above the tail.

Step 3: Position the Body and the Feet

You are done with placing the hands properly; it’s time to pick it up. While picking it up, certify that your hands are firm yet softer on their skin. Pick it up using the scruff. On the other hand, the rear bark of the rabbit will be supported with your other hand.

Right after picking it up; hold it against your body. Once the rabbit gets this your body as a support, it won’t be uncomfortable. Along with this, you have to make sure that their feet have the proper support too.

While holding, you have to afford your arm to the Holland lop bunny to rest its feet. Here, you must use your non-dominant arm to give enough support to the feet of the species.

Step 4: Let the Head Settle  

Now that the feet and the body of the rabbit are supported correctly, move to the head of the little one. Again use your non-dominant hand, this time; go for the elbow of this hand.

Once you have tucked the rabbit’s head into the crook of the elbow, you are almost ready. It’s time to release the scruff of the Holland lop bunny. In this position, you can support the rump. It won’t hurt them.

However, one of the many mistakes that we do includes holding it around its ribs. If you do this, you will see the rabbit struggle a lot. Also, there’s a chance that the rabbit will be uncomfortable and panic a lot.

Step 5: Skip the Ribs and the Middle

If you go for the middle of the rabbit, as the creature is too small, it will get hurt. This is how hawks or birds as their predators attack them.

Skip the Ribs and the Middle

And so, we recommend you not to go for their ribs or the middle part of the body otherwise they will be scared and will hurt it trying to get rid of you.

Go for the rear of the rabbit and support it- it’s important. The scruff method is justified for holding the Holland lop bunny in every possible way.

Wrap Up

The method we have mentioned is the suggestion from almost all the professionals that have raised rabbits. Follow this method and you will see you are holding the lop bunny already and it won’t feel any discomfort in this way.

However, we recommend you to be firm with your hands so that you do not let them loose or fall. Along with this, never be too tight while holding it, or do not squeeze it.

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