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Holland lop bunnies love to play with small-sized toys but what to give them and what to avoid is a concern here. From untreated straws to grass mats, plastic flower pots to balls, they can play with almost everything.

But what do Holland lop bunnies like to play with that can equally improve their skills? Today, we have a list of games for them that will advance their playing skills.

Games for Holland Lop Bunnies

Well, this little species love to play and for them, you can set up several games so that they can play with you and have fun. They require a good amount of exercise to stay healthy and fit. And for this cause, you can always get your hands on interesting toys.

Throw Games

Throw games are the absolute favorite of all little animals. Rabbits find it fun too. Whenever you ask ‘what do Holland lop bunnies like to play with,’ the first answer will be anything that you throw!

However, when you select an item for throwing, make sure it is small enough for them to pick up. Buy small toys for them so that you can throw them away and they can pick them up bringing them back to you.

Among the toys, a much-loved one for the Holland lop bunnies is a bird toy. Among other things, you can use any small yet sturdy rolled paper so that they can toss them with a flick of the head and enjoy the game!

Roll the Ball

We know this point sounded a little off but well, let us clear it out! Cats love to play with balls and there are several balls out there specially designed for pet cats. If you search you will also find small balls for cats with bells added to them!

All you need is to get such a ball for your rabbit. And then, slowly roll it towards the lop bunny. They will try to pick it up and in the process; they will learn to repeat the roll! With their nose, they will start to roll the ball and will absolutely enjoy it!

They can try to pick it up with their teeth too! And after a good deal of playing, they will eventually learn to return the ball to you by rolling it once again!

Race and Rewards

Well, another way for the rabbit to play with you is the race and reward method. In this type of game, you have to get your hands on a tasty and scented green. Make sure that the scent of the green makes them excited.

Stay close to your little one and treat them a little. Now, move to another spot and call out his name. He definitely will come to you and grab another little treat.

Don’t give too much at one spot. Instead, move faster and race to a new spot. In this way, make your rabbit run a bit! Make sure you are not making them run too fast or too much. Check out how to take care of a Holland lop to know more about it!

Hop over the Boxes

They are little but they can jump. Make use of this and play games with them. They enjoy hopping over things if you let them. In this case, get your hands on cardboard boxes.

Make sure it is a low wall-out box. Hold a tasty treat right over the box and make them jump. They will hop over and will catch the treat! 

Knock it over

Things that little Holland Lop bunnies can knock over are their favorites. This might sound a bit mischievous but it is what it is! This is most probably taken from their natural tendencies from their parents and grandparents.

They absolutely love to knock things over. When they see something close to their size or a little bigger than them standing, they want to knock it over.

Go for bowling pins and add them in different spots of your house. You will see them pushing it and trying to drop it without any cause! That’s how they play, my friend!

Little Rabbit Cups

Rabbits like the Holland lop bunnies can enjoy finding things that you hide if you train them too! When they are hungry, they will show their best skills. If you have such a bunny, make sure you play this game with him.

First, you have to take a few small cups. Placing the favorite food on your bun set the cups upside down. They will wonder where the food is. The game is to get the treat out with their skills.

Well, you might ask how they will know. The best way for this is to use transparent plastic cups for the beginners, once they learn, they will do the same for the non-transparent ones too!

Wrap Up

Anything small is loved by the Holland lop bunny breeds. When you play with them, make sure you are around them. Also, it’s required that you do not let them play with plastic or any other material that they will chew or eat. After all, their health should be your concern!

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